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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Brazilian diplomacy Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean


Welcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. If you would like your posts included in the next Carnival, please email me, faustaw2 "at" gmail "dot" com.

This week's big story: Brazil continues its ascendance as a diplomatic powerhouse for the hemisphere. Last week thirty-three countries met in Brazil for the first Latin American and Caribbean Summit on Integration and Development. Today president Lula hosts French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who's visting the country to bring about bilateral cooperation in several areas, including the production of defense submarines. I'll be discussing Sarko's visit in today's podcast at 11AM Eastern, which you can listen to here.

Via Pat, Latin America’s Deafening Silence by Jorge Castañeda.

Interesting post (in Spanish) on the UnoAmérica pro-democracy NGO meeting in Bogota; their website here.

Only in Argentina

Nestor Kirchner is unwell

Argentina and the drug trade

Confuso triple juego hispano-ruso-argentino

ATFA Condemns Ecuador's Debt Default Decision Defaulting on Foreign Debt

Austroraptor cabazai: They Just Don't Make Big Scary Dinosaurs Like They Once Did

Argentina Seizes Assets of Iranian Terrorist-Diplomat

Commentary: One Belizean's perspective on agreement between Belize and Guatemala

Slide show: Brazilians in Ireland

Comments on Bloomberg News' Brazil Defence Story

Brazil Fails to Earmark Budget Money for Sovereign Wealth Fund

FruityRumPunch update

Pass FTA and amend Plan Colombia
Combined with a revamped Plan Colombia, the FTA can then promote both human rights and the overall quality of life in Colombia. One of the loudest proponents for the FTA is Asocolflores, Colombia's flower exporters association. Dependent on the U.S. market, its companies employ 200,000 Colombians. This and other export industries create jobs and opportunities that provide poor Colombians alternatives to growing coca, the plant used to make cocaine.

Real change will not come from bulletproof armor, helicopters, and tanks, but will depend on Colombia's institutional capabilities and the economic opportunities it can offer its citizens. The United States should focus Plan Colombia on improving justice and human rights, and pass the FTA to improve economic opportunities for both countries' citizens. President-elect Obama's campaign promised change; our regional partners could use some, too.
New World Post-pandemic Reforestation Helped Start Little Ice Age, Say Scientists

Russian warships bound for Cuba in new show of strength

Blogger and Castro kin clash on the Web

Will El Salvador Veer Left?

Iraq is safer than Mexico

Mexico - US – Italy cocaine connection

Now Nicaragua can't just blame the Empire

The Dry Season Has Arrived

¿Quiere Lugo imitar a Salvador Allende? - ABC Color

Pharma-Bio acquires assets and operations in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico governor elect heads to New York to meet with credit agencies

Now that the price of fuel is down, airline carriers are returning to the region: Non-stop Delta service returns to Tobago

OPEC cuts production, Venezuela lies, oil drops yet again

The Chavez permanent show: 170 hours of cadena

HRW v Hugo Chavez et sycophants

Yet another Russia-Venezuela joint venture: Government to install gold refinery at Las Cristinas – Venezuela

Chavez After the Oil Boom

Chavez Latin America Allies Escalate Rhetoric on Debt

Venezuela's foreign policy loses its gas

Fixing Border Security

Che Guevara was a murderer and your t-shirt is not cool

Special thanks to Ada, the Baron, Eneas, Larwyn, Maria, Maggie and SamK.

This week’s posts and podcasts
Iran using Venezuela ties to duck UN sanctions
Latin America: Summits and Crisis, at Real Clear World blog
Report: Drug cartels move beyond borders
From the Mexican war zone: Kidnapping Negotiator Is Now a Victim in Mexico
Latin American and Caribbean Summit on Integration and Development excludes Bush, as China, Russia loom

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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Ecuador default Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean


Welcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. If you would like your links included, please email me: faustaw2 "at" gmail "dot" com.

This week's big news: Ecuador defaults on its foreign debt, basically because it doesn't want to:
And while developing world economies have taken a sharp turn for the worse in recent months, Ecuador is ceasing payments not because the oil-rich country cannot afford to pay but because it has made a political decision not to.
The default is Ecuador’s second in a decade and seventh in its 178-year history. More links and posts below.

The Real Latin-American Left: One We Can Work With

Caracas Russians, Managua Misrule

Latin American Democrats Need U.S. Support
Free trade is one way to help prevent the resurgence of autocracy in the region.

Economic Storm Batters Argentina's Breadbasket
Sharp Price Drop Brings Sudden End To Good Times

Observatorio de Medios de Bolivia reveló que suman 245 los ataques a periodistas en el último año; alarmante crecimiento desde septiembre de 2008

Evo admite que la Unasur no es plenamente legal

Via American Digest, “Coca Si, Cocaina No”. Let’s hope Aldana Cohen is better informed about his topic than he is about Coca Cola. Coca Cola hasn’t contained any cocaine since 1929.

Israel's El Al plans direct flights to Brazil

A heroic pooch

Alleged Colombian coke kingpin in U.S.
Reputed one-time Colombian cocaine kingpin Diego Leon Montoya Sanchez is in Florida after being extradited from his South American homeland, U.S. officials say.

Known as "Don Diego," Montoya Sanchez allegedly once commanded the North Valley cartel, a narco-trafficking empire that exported at least 1.2 million pounds of cocaine to the United States. But Friday he was sitting in a tiny federal jail cell in Miami, The Miami Herald reported.

U.S. Attorney R. Alexander Acosta said the Colombian's extradition marked a historic point in efforts by the United States to smash the vast cartel, saying Montoya Sanchez's arrest was the most significant since the convictions of brothers Gilberto and Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela, the 1980s leaders of Colombia's Cali cartel.
Allegations of Biological Weapons Research in Cuba Need Clearing Up

Guantanamo’s Jihad: The Show Begins…

Elián González marks his 15th birthday

¿Cumpleaños o aniversario?

Obama Should Put the Castros in Their Place

Vladimir Alejo Miranda, Cuban Political Prisoner of the Week, 12/14/08

Buques rusos atracarán en Cuba por primera vez desde caída de URSS Russian ships landing in Cuba for the first time since the fall of the USSR. Russian navy: Russian warships to visit Cuba

The return of the 1980s?

Ecuador decides to stiff creditors


Ecuador Default May Hit ‘True Monsters’ Harder Than Argentina

What Did the U.S. Congress Do With Correa's Propagandists and Ministra Viteri?

Nutritional value of World Food Program rice distributed in Haiti questioned

Arrested: Suspected Killers of Sheriff’s Deputy. But Was It Ordered by the Mexican Mafia?

Mexico: Growing Terror and Close to Collapse

More backyard fun

Urgent prayer request

Innocents Die in the Drug War

Who let the big cat out of the bag? Puerto Rico searches for panther prowling suburbs
Wildlife officials patrolled streets and undeveloped lots in a sort of suburban safari Sunday, searching for a nocturnal predator that has mauled a sheep, ripped apart chickens and dominated newspaper headlines in the tropical U.S. territory since last week.
I didn't know there were any sheep or chickens in Rio Piedras, either.

Miguel Octavio was part of a Round Table discussion at the White House on Human Rights Day

Systematic abuse and compulsive lies

A great Venezuelan gets an award

The ultimate idiotic conspiracy theory: The US created credit crisis to get back at Hugo and other revolutionaries

Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape

Venezuela Debt Rating Outlook Cut to Negative by S&P

Black-Out Blights Venezuela for the 4th Time This Year
Power Outage in Caracas Brings Out Social Traits

Via Brazilian Neocon, Jaime Bayly on Chavez's Alo Presidente's diarrhea program, part 1 (in Spanish)

Part 2

Texas Hispanics upset with Democrats

Killer Chic: Hollywood’s sick love affair with Che Guevara

Che what

Special thanks to Ada, Baron B., Eneas, Larwyn and Maggie.

This week's podcasts and posts
Obama makes it to the Nativity scene
Soderbergh’s Chegasm


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Monday, December 08, 2008

The low-oil-price Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean


Welcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. If you would like your posts included, please email me, faustaw2 "at" gmail "dot" com.

This week's big story: Oil prices.
As of the writing of this post, oil is trading at $43.45. This signals a huge change in Latin American politics. Miguel makes a prediction on the internal effect in Venezuela in his post As oil cycle overshoots on the downside the worst effects of The Devil's Excrement will be in play, (via A Colombo-Americana)

Special Report: West Africa welcomes Latin America's drug barons

Canadian envoy does not foresee G-20 replacing G-8 as major forum

A sea change in the Caribbean

Going pinker on the Plata: A new destination for gay tourists

In photos: Buenos Aires architectural details

Aumenta la pobreza con Evo Morales de presidente

Fall of an opportunist: Justice for a controversial financier

Brazil's Decision on Deforestation Draws Praise

The Ingrid show

Love in the time of Cartagena

Via IBD Blog, FARC kill 8 Colombian police

Saving the Revolution

Cuban political prisoner named RSF's Journalist of the Year

Castro Brothers Want to Meet Obama

Fine sand

From beyond the grave: Fidel offers to meet with Obama

We talk, you just listen and send money

Cuba tightens restrictions on bloggers

Cuba da su aprobación al Che de Soderbergh via Spanish Pundit

Ecuador’s Novel Carbon Storage Method

Mean and Petty Ecuadoreans Swear Allegiance to Cartels and Denounce Each Other

Ecuador to Boost Trade in Iran

Iran to impart high technology to Ecuador And what kind of technology would that be? “space science and satellite technology.”

Rape looms large over Haiti slums

Responding to Mexican Drug-Related Terrorism

Morgue is only safe place in Mexico

AP Feels Sorry for Mexico Over Drop in 'Money Sent Home' By Returning Illegals

Japan, Mexico agree on efforts to resist protectionism, climate change

Nicaragua and the MCC

First Russian warship uses Panama Canal since 1944

To the barricades: The politics of non-stop protest

Illegal immigration from the Dominica Republic: 2 survivors bring relief to family, but 49 missing

Oscar De La Hoya leaves hospital, heads home to Puerto Rico. I don't know much about boxing, but it looks like De La Hoya should retire.

With revolutionary students like these who needs conservative old farts?

As Chavez attacks, the whole Venezuelan Government becomes offensive against its enemies

‘Boligarchs’ rise to top in socialist Venezuela

A Nuclear Venezuela

Chávez government handed out millions in exchange for votes

Opposition damns Chavez vote bid

Body of Cubs catcher Blanco found in Venezuela

The Obama Administration and U.S.-Cuba Policy

NY City’s useful idiots

Pro-Amnesty Activist Joins Obama White House Staff

US Trade Representative nominee in cocaine pardon scandal

Special thanks to Ada, the Baron, Eneas, Larwyn, Maggie, Maria and SamK.

Yoani’s troubles: 15 Minutes on Latin America
Russian warship to cross Panama Canal
Hugo busts the opposition: 15 Minutes on Latin America
Rape in Haiti: 15 Minutes on Latin America
China sneezes; will Latin America catch a cold?


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Monday, December 01, 2008

The first Monday in December Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean


Welcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. If you would like your posts included in the next Carnival, please email me, faustaw2 "at" gmail "dot" com.

This week's focus: China's growing influence in our Hemisphere. I'll be podcasting on China's Latin American influence today at 10AM Eastern. Chat's open by 9:45AM and the call-in number is 646 652-2639.

Listen to Faustas blog on internet talk radio

China's Latin American Tango
A partnership with benefits for both sides.

Latin American diplomacy: Friends of opportunity
China, rather than Russia, is the new partner that matters

Pay attention to next-door neighbors

Latin America tops murder tables

Challenges in Latin America: Russians in Caracas, Misrule in Managua

Chávez, Correa propose new currency area

Harvesting pensions
A pre-election boost for Cristina

Kafka era argentino

Radiografía del kirchnerismo

In today's WSJ, Are Argentina's Cows Happy Eating Grain? This matters because grass-fed beef is Argentina's most famous export.

Bush Suspends Trade Accord With Bolivia in Anti-Drug Dispute
President George W. Bush suspended a trade agreement with Bolivia, saying the country provided insufficient cooperation in U.S. efforts against drug trafficking.

The president signed a declaration ending trade benefits under the Andean Trade Preference Act and the Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said in a statement yesterday.

Cutting of trade benefits is the result of Bolivia’s “failure to cooperate with the U.S. counternarcotics efforts,” a condition of maintaining trade preferences, such as reduced tariffs, Perino said.
Brazil floods are early sign of global warming, expert warns; meanwhile, Brazil mob attacks environmental police in Amazon

La crisis mundial del crédito frena el auge agrícola brasileño

DMG, which went under, has its own YouTube channel. The founder of DMG was arrested in Panama two weeks ago. This article (in Spanish) refers to DMG as a Ponzi scheme.

Colombia: Belle Of APEC's Ball

Betancourt makes Colombia return

Faltan las marchas

Cuban landmark for Catholic friar

Via IBD blog, "Happy Thanksgiving!" from Fidel

Ecuador: hopeless

Can pay, might not. Another debt default?

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa is heading to Iran this week

Hopeless, Clueless and Hapless Correa & ALBA Come to Bury Capitalism: Not to Praise It

Mexico Has Made Big Strides on Economic Policy Calderón was smart enough to hedge against falling oil prices

Houston a weapons depot for Mexico criminal insurgency


Success in Mexico

Via Lucianne, House of shattered dreams: US deports more and more Mexicans

Garcia blames Mexican drug cartels for Peru violence

APEC summit divides bloggers, according to France24 news:

Puerto Rico Governor Promises Changes
The recession now emerging in places like Florida and Ohio has been a fact of life in Puerto Rico for three years. Unemployment has climbed to nearly 12 percent. Taxes have gone up, purchasing power has declined, and the island’s roughly four million residents are unlikely to be patient with their new leader.

The structural challenges are immense. Government here plays an outsize role, employing 20 percent to 30 percent of workers on the island, and it is on the verge of bankruptcy. The current administration said this week that it would end the year with a $2 billion budget deficit. One official suggested it was struggling to make payroll, and some institutions — like the Center for Puerto Rican Studies — already report that they have not received government money they are owed.
Chávez Again Seeks to End Term Limits; Chavez renews reelection ambition
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has announced a plan to seek a constitutional amendment to allow him to stand for reelection

Brief thoughts on Venezuela

The 2008 Venezuelan results: 3 - Yaracuy as the epitome of all that is wrong with the Venezuelan Political System

Hugo Chavez reverts to his usual self a day after the election, blaming everyone but his perfect self

Russia's Challenge On The High Seas

Russia Proposes Nuclear Reactor Plan to Chavez

The Real Hugo Chavez

Alvaro Vargas Llosa writes about Chavez’s Stumble

Venezuela’s regional elections: Checked, but not halted
Some satisfaction for Hugo Chávez but more for his opponents

Che Movie Debuts Miami this Week (Dec. 4)

OTHER ROUNDUPS and news in Spanish
WSJ Americas

The week’s posts and podcasts
The Russia-Venezuela maneuvers in the Caribbean: 15 Minutes on Latin America
Chávez Lets Colombia Rebels Wield Power Inside Venezuela
Nuclear Latin America: Today’s 15 Minutes on Latin America

Special thanks to Ada, Maggie, Eneas, GoV, and Sam.

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