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Monday, February 16, 2009

Chavez, Now and Forever? Plus today's Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean


My article, Chavez, Now and Forever? on Hugo Chavez's referendum victory, is up at Real Clear World. Please read it and leave a comment.

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Undoubtedly the big story of the week is yesterday's Venezuelan referendum. Please scroll down to the Venezuela section for a roundup of posts and articles.

El día después

U.S. rancher at center stage in Bolivia land dispute

Brazil's oil industry: Plunging in
Petrobras sets some ambitious targets

“The ‘Intellectual Bloc’ of the FARC”

IDEAGlobal Sees Mexico, Colombia Debt Prices Under Fire Due to U.S. Recession. Colombia Bond Yields Should Rise Further

Te toca a tí

1971-2009: The Grey Millennium

Cuban human rights activist jailed

Out of Ecuador, A Latin Lesson for Obama

'Difficult' for Ecuador to pay debt interest: minister

Rebuilding Haiti: Weighed down by disasters
A modest success for the United Nations is threatened by nature and lassitude

Warrior in Drug Fight Soon Becomes a Victim
Mexican General Seized, Slain in Cancun

Video: Las parteras de Santa Teresa

1530: Tangaxuan II, the last Tarasco ruler

Via Instapundit, What does Slim want?

The pathetic political situation that is Nicaragua

Dictatorial reforms

NY Times: Chavez victory injects "fresh vibrancy into his socialist-inspired revolution"

Leftist Political Parties & Power

Welcome To The Revolution- No Term Limits For Chavez

Chavez Wins

Dictator for Life

No More Term Limits for Venezuela’s Chavez

Bye Bye Venezuela: Chavez Wins Referendum, Gets to Run Again


Chavez reports attempted coup

Views of Venezuela's Chavez Have Hardened in the Region -- and at Home

Chavez tries Mugabe style 'democracy'

Venezuela Expels EU Lawmaker for Comments on Election

Telling Venezuela how to vote
Hugo Chávez is abusing the resources of his petrostate to fund a campaign to ensure his presidential term is extended

Chavez Delays Valentine's Day for Referendum, Promises a Whole Week of Lovin Starting Monday

Venezuela opposition complains of Chavez tactics

Journalists' Association asks government to halt attacks

Hugo Chávez's Venezuela: Oblivious to the coming storm
In his first decade Hugo Chávez has presided over social programmes, inflation, crime and rising intolerance. Venezuelans will pay the price in years to come

Chávez Decisively Wins Bid to End Term Limits

Mr. Chávez vs. the Jews
With George W. Bush gone, Venezuela's strongman has found new enemies.

Chavez and Obama

Chavez power grab: is this our future, too?

16 illegals sue Arizona rancher
Claim violation of rights as they crossed his land

Mending Fences

For more Carnival goodness
Shiny happy dhimmi - #13


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