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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Echoes of the Halimi murder, Obama-Rezko, and other items

I had planned on going to New York this morning but something unexpected came up.

After that was over, I've been reading the blogs:

Almost exactly two years after the Halimi murder, Tortured Jewish Teen Leaves Paris Suburb.

The lack of curiosity by the press about Obama’s connections to one of the most corrupt city governments in the United States should be one of the big media stories of this campaign. While it is true that Obama's connections to the Machine are not as extensive as many other politicians, I've got news for you Obama apologists; try running for any office in Chicago – local, state, or federal – and see how far you get without support from the regular Democrats.
More Barack Obama Rezko Revelations and Obama's Iraqi Oil for Food connection

So, Um ... Obama Wrote This, Huh?

No Clinton-Obama ticket this year. Someone get the stunt double on the set

Brattleboro, Vermont: where it can ALL happen!

Belmont Club looks at politicians who say "I lied".

The Greeks object to Macedonia because of its name. Really.

U.S. Tongue-Ties Self In Talking To World

Tracking Iraq-- What the Media Did Not Tell You This Month

NJ Corrupt Politicos Update

Claim: Muqtada al Sadr Suffers Ten Game Batting Slump and Coma, But Mostly Coma. Iraqi and Russian doctors are taking care of him.


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At 9:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The link "US Tongue-Ties Self..." doesn't really seem to grasp the problem, which is CNN, BBC the news services, and local sources that regurgitate NYT stories and treat NGO reports as gold. It also fails to take into account the sleazy celebrity trash that makes it into foeign media. With this wealth of information, anyone can edit coverage of the US to suit his prejudices and goals. Europe would rather get its info from Michael Mooore, George Clooney, and Sean Penn than any US agency. When Jeff Gedmin was at Aspen Berlin, he worked very hard to give a balanced picture of America's policies and provide background. Yet he was often dismisssed as a neocon. Sometimes people just don't want to hear our side.

If you think the Greece/Macedonia thing is bad, I just read at Spiegel Online that the Danes are upset with IKEA. Why? IKEA names its sofas and living room furiture after Swedish towns and its bedroom furniure after Norwegian towns, whereas Danish town names are used for footmats. If anyone asks why we had to keep troops in Europe 60 years after WWII, you can tell them now.


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