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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cubazuela today: The "seemingly invincible Clinton-Obama", and Buckely on Hugo

"Fidel" has written another article for Granma, and he damns "the seemingly invincible ticket of Clinton-Obama" for asking for a democratic government in Cuba. However, he heaps praise on Jimmy Carter, that friend of Hugo.

Apart from the usual stuff one expects from the invisible dictator who writes newspaper articles from an undisclosed location, "Castro" also mentions that he and Che used to play golf together and that Che had caddied in his younger days.

Who'd have thun it!

William F.Buckley notices that Hugo Chavez is an Annoyance (what took you so long, Bill?)
The thing about Hugo Chavez is that he is not crazy. He just acts crazy.

On the foreign-policy front, he endears himself, or seeks to do so, to every tyrant on Earth. He went to Iran and intended to visit North Korea, but there, Venezuela's National Assembly drew the line. He is abject in his praise of Fidel Castro, and unequivocal in his hatred of American institutions.

It is a pity; but we need to remind ourselves that every now and then democracy simply spits in one's face. The people who voted in 1933 for Adolf Hitler were driven by that dangerous temptation.

In Latin America, the demagogue has a great natural advantage. The reason for this is that the United States represents, to the angry Latin American voter, the hothouse of hateful institutions. Hugo Chavez is head of a country of 27 million people. They are mostly poor. And with poverty there often comes pain from observing those who do not share in it.
We all know where this is leading them.

Expect it to get worse for a long time.

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