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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cuba Solidarity Day

Petition calling for the release of ALL of Cuba's political prisoners

Solidaridad Cuba explains,
The Cuban people need your help! People all over the world are joining together on Cuba Solidarity Day, this May 21, to stand beside the people of Cuba in their struggle for freedom and democracy. Let’s demonstrate our support for Cuba’s political prisoners, respect for the Inter-American Democratic Charter, and the right of the Cuban people to choose their own government and live in peace and freedom! Join us as we speak in one voice to demand peace, freedom, and democracy on the island!

May 21 has great historic significance as it falls within a two-week period in which Cubans throughout the island remember those that have suffered under the Castro regime while struggling for freedom and human rights.

A colombo-americana's perspective

The White House:
We see this courage in a doctor named Oscar Elias Biscet. Dr. Biscet is a healer, a man of peace, and a determined activist for human rights. For all this, Dr. Biscet serves a 25-year sentence under the worst conditions. He was once put into solitary confinement for nearly eight months, trapped in a small, dark, underground cell. He lost nearly 50 pounds and has lost almost all of his teeth. He is in poor health. He is allowed very few visitors.

We see this courage in Cuba's Damas de blanco. Every Sunday, these "Ladies in White" march in silent protest, demanding the release of their loved ones. A few weeks ago, when about a dozen of these women held a peaceful sit-in at a public park, they were dragged from the area by a large pro-regime mob. One of the women was Berta Soler, whose husband, Juan Angel Moya Acosta, is serving a 20-year sentence. Earlier this month, Berta told me personally: "Despite the torture, Cuba's political prisoners will not give in."

Recently, a former political prisoner asked me to remember his brothers languishing in Castro's jails. Through this Day of Solidarity with the Cuban People, we honor that request by speaking the names of Cuba's prisoners of conscience. They include the men I have just mentioned. They include others such as: Ricardo Gonzalez Alfonso, Jose Luis Garcia Paneque, Normando Hernandez, Jorge Luis Gonzalez Tanquero, and Ariel and Guido Sigler Amaya. They include other names that many of you keep in your hearts and in your prayers.
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