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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Of course anyone who doesn't worship Obama is a wahoo

By definition, if we weren't, we would see the light instead of actually hearing what he says.

More from fellow wahoos Don Surber and Powerline.
h/t Larwyn.

Beth BSC smacks down cryptomarxism: Barack Obama to Middle America: You Are a Bunch of Hillbillies

Beth MVRWC has the SNOBama poster

Yeah, it's like a perfect storm of phoniness from superior beings.

The Washington Post put the biggest political story in weeks on page 4.


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At 3:23 PM, Blogger Obi's Sister said...

This is just getting better and better!

At 10:30 PM, Blogger Pat Patterson said...

One caveat should remain is that this kind of demagogry has been effecive for the Democrats as recently as theexample of the collapse of the aerospace industry in California in the late 80's. This reversal was almost total compared to when in 1985 some 20% of California's GDP was provided by aerospace and then in less than ten years it was only slightly above 7% and falling. In spite of the fact that Congress and Pres. Reagan where spending money like sailors on their first visit to Olongapo City. During this period spending actually doubled but production of military equipment and missiles and its support equipment remained the same and actually declined. Guys paid to check the computations of other guys who will then be checked by a Cray or someone at NASA.

Even though the California legislature was mostly in the hands of the Democrats during this period as well as US Congress somehow the fate of these now TV images of suicidal and homeless engineers was the fault of the these variouos heartless Republican presidental administrations.

Remember Falling Down, that Michael Douglas vehicle where the a former aerospace engineer snaps and begins a violent odyssey across LA. He blames "those guys" which in the context was understood to be either Pres. Bush(41) or those Republican plutocarts that ran the companies.

It's simply doesn't matter that the Democrats may own the lion share of the blame but because Republicans cannot amount much of defense if it rests on the logic of new replacing the old. The Democrats since they are the party of the caring professionals will always have an emotional advantage. Who will one vote for, the one who says he'll keep everything as it was or pay to keep things as they are or the one whose basic message is that if you are unemployed and anxious then tough. Time to go back to a JC or move to where there is hiring.

While the enablers in the Democratic Party and its fifth column will simply mark this incident to the vagaries of the campaign. and then attack the Republicans for not caring enough to keep that guy out of the corner with his cheap scotch, his Good News Bible and his revolver.


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