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Saturday, March 29, 2008

VDH asks, "The Chickens of Identity Politics Come Home to Roost? "

Today at The Corner, Victor Davis Hanson asks, The Chickens of Identity Politics Come Home to Roost? when it comes to the exceptions from the norms of public discourse:
This is what the triangulation of Obama has helped to unleash: most Americans will now doubt the moral authority of the African-American intellectual and religious community not just to question the questionable racial remarks of a Bill Clinton, Ed Rendell, or Geraldine Ferraro, but also the Wright-like crudity of a Don Imus or a Michael Richards. Context is now king.

This disastrous regression in race relations is the natural dividend of liberal identity politics, most recently brought to the fore by the wife of the first "black President", the first "transracial" black Presidential candidate, and the "prophet" and "healer" Reverend Wright.
It's high time we put identity politics to rest.

Until we do, all candidacies associated with identity politics will descend, as VDH puts it, into McGovern candidacies.


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