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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday afternoon mini-linkfest

The Saddam-Al Qaeda Links: In Photos and Video

Washington Post Duped Instead of D.U.P.E.S. (UPDATE: WaPo Purposeful Dupe)

Via Dan, Report Details Saddam's Terrorist Ties
The report also undercuts the claim made by many on the left and many
at the CIA that Saddam, as a national socialist, was incapable of
supporting or collaborating with the Islamist al Qaeda. The report concludes
that instead Iraq's relationship with Osama bin Laden's organization
was similar to the relationship between the rival Colombian cocaine
cartels in the 1990s. Both were rivals in some sense for market share, but
also allies when it came to expanding the size of the overall market.

The Pentagon study finds, "Recognizing Iraq as a second, or parallel,
'terror cartel' that was simultaneously threatened by and somewhat
aligned with its rival helps to explain the evidence emerging from the
detritus of Saddam's regime."
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