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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Obama speech

Obama's speech is mostly what I expected and Siggy predicted. Siggy and Shane Borgess both agree that
I would love for him to have given the speech he gave today to Jeremiah Wright twenty years ago... the same speech.
We discussed the speech in this morning's podcast (the first 30 minutes of the podcast were the speech itself). Siggy did a particularly passionate argument on how Jews in the South were not detained by the prejudiced they faced; Laurie Kendrick asked cogent questions; later on Jazz Shaw and Michele Huges join in. It was an animated and interesting conversation.

Obama could have disavowed the church but chose instead to essentialy say that rejecting Jeremiah Wright means rejecting the entire black community.

What I want to know, and what Obama didn't answer, is, why hasn't Obama disabused Wright, in all the 20+ years of their acquaitance, of all the horrible preconceptions and misconceptions Wright holds against whites.

I also would like to know how Obama reconciles his hopes for the next generation with his support for the murder of viable babies through partial birth abortion, among other things.

Of course I don't expect Obama to answer that. His speech (and the rest of his campaign until the Democrat convention) was aimed 795 specific individuals - Democratic superdelegates. And that's what he was after.

All part of the Obama bargain.

Stop the ACLU has roundup and the video of the speech.

Again I say that Obama's speech was well done--for what it intended to do: lure back those who were beginning to slip out of the camp. Those of us who were never there in the first place remain unmoved or are pushed further away.


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At 10:03 PM, Blogger Pat Patterson said...

I though Sen. Obama's comment concerning his grandmothers statement that she didn't feel comfortable when she "...confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street..," is interesting in that Jesse Jackson said essentially the same thing years ago and I don't recall him being labeled a racist.

Besides an older women walking down a steet that is not concerned about unknown men, black, white or whatever, is simply a fool.


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