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Friday, March 14, 2008

The distraction, and the real news

The distraction, that is, the not-news news: Clinton strategist says Obama 'can't win the general election'.

Well, did anyone expect a Clinton strategist to say otherwise? Something in the likes of, "Oh sure, Obama's going to clean our clock in the primary and coast into a 50-state landslide"?

Here's some news:
One of Obama's Earmarks Went to Hospital That Employs Michelle Obama

There's the hate preaching pastor; Victor Davis Hanson:
Each time the Rev. Wright’s latest clip is played, Obama is going to lose voters — unless he explains how and why such sentiments are not his own, and how and why he could attend such sermons without being ill at ease.
Confederate Yankee is posting on why Reverend Wright is wrong.

Rick Moran has another extensive post on why has been doing a lot of explaining about the company he has kept for the last 17 years or so: Rick goes into Obama's relationships with not only Reverend Wright, but with former Weather Underground member and unrepentant terrorist bomber William Ayers, with whom Obama has repeatedly appeared in forums, and Tony Rezko and his associates (Auchi, Alsammarae, others) and Obama's "drop-bys"
At every step Obama has sought to hide, to minimize, to dismiss his relationship with Rezko as a one sided affair – that of an eager Chicago fixer wanting to get close to an up and coming state senator. Instead, the picture that will almost certainly be revealed during Rezko’s trial is that Obama and Rezko were close associates with Rezko being a crucial part of Obama’s rise in politics while Obama for his part, aided Rezko in his business dealings.

How? By the time honored political tool known as "the drop by."

Suppose you are a property developer meeting with foreign businessmen trying to convince them to invest in your plan. Suddenly, a United States senator shows up at your meeting to greet the foreigners, do a little backslapping, and thus give legitimacy and "juice" to the developer making it easier for the foreigners to trust him. The senator is in and out in just a few minutes. But the impact of his visit is not lost on the foreign businessmen.
Rick was our guest on Tuesday and we discussed Obama and Rezko. You can listen to the podcast here. You probably want to read Obama Watch, Rezkorama, and The truth about Obama; the news services aren't highlighting the real story.

Commenter Pat Patterson recommends Open Secrets
Obama Can’t Sever Ties With His Pastor of Hate


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At 2:05 PM, Blogger Pat Patterson said...

Next those dastardly Clinton provacateurs will say that the Senator can't fly, heal the sick or walk on water. Oh, politics is just becoming too nasty to bear.

What will be interesting, eventually, is not only Sen. Obama's connections to Rezco but also to Magellan Properties that took over a failed Rezmar development for what seems to be a promissory note and that the candidate also accepted campaign funds from US Equities who are managing the construction of the wing of the University of Chicago Hospital which Mrs. Obama represented at the time of the contract. Opensecrets is our friend.



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