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Friday, February 29, 2008

Hollywood A-List celebrity endorses staying in Iraq

Staying to Help in Iraq
We have finally reached a point where humanitarian assistance, from us and others, can have an impact.

Angelina Jolie says so.

Why? Because she listened to Gen. Petraeus:
In Baghdad, I spoke with Army Gen. David Petraeus about UNHCR's need for security information and protection for its staff as they re-enter Iraq, and I am pleased that he has offered that support. General Petraeus also told me he would support new efforts to address the humanitarian crisis "to the maximum extent possible" -- which leaves me hopeful that more progress can be made.
Michael Goldfarb has a suggestion to the presidential candidates:
She also asks each of the presidential candidates "to announce a comprehensive refugee plan with a specific timeline and budget as part of their Iraq strategy." McCain should be first in line to offer such a plan. The case for sustaining the U.S. presence there has always been based, in part, on the responsibility this country has to the people of Iraq. Let Obama explain how he's going to assure the safe return of refugees in tandem with a withdrawal of U.S. forces.
Warner Todd Hudson wonders what the Left's reaction would be if Obama were to embrace Angelina's line.

Next thing you know, celebs will be saying good things about George Bush.


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At 2:46 AM, Blogger Mike said...

I'm not ready to buy her words. Until otherwise US troops back to home, We can't expect Iraqis to return their home, or lead the normal life and feel the freedom.
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