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Monday, February 05, 2007

Fools' paradise, and today's items

Via Linda, Fool's Paradise - Mass Slaughter in Our Public Schools: The Terrorists' Chilling Plan

Via Theodore's World, Global Incident Map

America After The Next Attack

'The Bush rally' thrills Wall Street
Despite the gloom and doom we heard in last year's elections, a torrent of upbeat economic reports show the Bush economy is alive and well, and it is likely headed for a healthier performance in 2007.

Last week's report from the government's Bureau of Economic Analysis must have come as a shock to President Bush's Democratic critics when it showed the economy racing along at a brisk 3.5 percent annual growth rate in the last three months of 2006. For the year, the economy grew at a stronger than expected 3.4 percent, propelled by falling oil and gas prices, higher wage and job growth, increased consumer purchasing power and even an uptick in housing sales.
The future Nagger in Chief raises her fists in her characteristic anger and yells at you what she knows will be best for you

Hillary's Dark Energy Agenda
Clinton’s remarks are the first time that a nationally known Democrat has openly called for the government seizure of an industry since President Harry Truman tried to nationalize the steel industry in 1952. The U.S. Supreme Court slapped back Truman’s takeover in Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. et al. v. Sawyer. (Like Senator Clinton, Truman also championed a national health-care scheme.)

While other politicians have suggested establishing an alternative energy fund, Clinton is the first to advocate funding it by taking the earnings of a publicly held American company.
Via Larwyn,
Iran: No Bombs, No Appeasement.

"That's only true if we say so" — our self-absorbed media culture I'll be reading "Hitchens's review of Frank Rich's book later today.

The fence near Edwards's manse sends him a message.

Not suitable for work, especially if you listen to the Mark Levin radio link Olbermann Left Limp After On Air Smack Down. Olbermann decided to name Levin "the worst person in the world". Turns out Keith picked on the wrong guy.

In a lighter mode,
Darren's freezing in Richmond.
Because of that lack of global warming, Gerard went to Costco. I've been to Costco twice in my life and will try to avoid a third time.

Today's Princeton Global Warming Update
It was 6F when I got up at 6:30Am today. The sun came out and now it's 8F
It's so cold (How cold is it?) I'm wearing one of these, even when it's not really flattering:

Time to wear these:

Ugly boots, yes. Warm, definitely yes.

Update: Superbowl Commercials 2007, via Kim.

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Future Nagger in Chief. Just right

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'Cause nag she will!


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