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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Of course he isn't!, and today's items

Of course he isn't!,
Russian President Vladimir Putin has strongly denied claims that Russia is using its energy resources as a lever to put pressure on other countries

Update: Via Maria, Why are Vladimir Putin’s opponents dying?

Cassandra posts on The Virtues of Gratitude, and she lets it rip.

Via Larwyn, It's Official: The Press Has Gone To War - with us.
Important Analysis
"U.S.-Iran tensions could trigger war," cautions an article by the AP, which appears to be just waking up to this possibility.
In a similar vein, this morning's BBCA newscast managed to blame the centuries-old, thirteen centuries, that is, Sunni-Shia rivalry on - you guessed it - Israel and the Americans:
"It's America and Israel who want trouble here," said another participant.
I kid you not.

Must-see video: The Islamic Mein Kampf
The Terrorism Awareness Project

Don't miss Pamela's CAIR censorship round-up

The French work only 35hrs/week, and now they're taking naps after lunch:
"Sleep must not be trivialised," Xavier Bertrand, the Health Minister, said.
But they're not lazy.

Obviously Cassandra's husband (see above) is not French.

A little romance, a little sadness, from Siggy,

You'll find a line from the lyrics in today's Twitter box on the right sidebar.

In a lighter mode,
I'm always amazed by what brings some people to my blog. The latest are two people doing google searches for "Bear Grylls naked picture." These two have been doing that search for the past couple of days but I guess they haven't given up on me yet. (For those of you who don't remember, Bear's one of the Discovery Channel guys.)

Sorry to disappoint you, folks, but this is a mostly PG-rated blog. However, You Tube has several videos of the fully clothed Bear. I might post one of those one of these days.

I watched the Discovery Channel the other night and they had Stephen Hawkins talking about black holes. I can't say I understood most of what he said, but I came out pondering the possibility that my long-lost pair of eyeglasses dropped into a mini black hole.

Back to Man vs Wild, then.

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