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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mullahs lie, people die, and today's items

Mullahs lie, people die
I wonder if the American journalists who were so eager to challenge the detailed presentation of actual physical evidence of Iran’s murderous actions against coalition forces in Iraq, will expose the mullahs’ blatant falsification. I rather doubt it. And I don’t expect the paladins of the dying media to draw the obvious, and important conclusion: the mullahs are facing discontent so deep that their internal enemies are resorting to very dangerous acts of violence against the instruments of repression.

Via Maria,
Islam Is Not The Enemy, Part II

Google again snubs George Washington

Via Jeremayakovka, a new blog, The Apostate

Abuse of Eminent Domain in Washington Parish?

Here's Blow Out Blog Talk Radio schedule.

Via Larwyn,
The Roaring Silence
Ironically, such a moment, extended long enough, could actually end the war - in victory for us, of course, so don't hold your breath. But this particular moment ended all too swiftly. It was a purely symbolic silence, of course. Non-binding, unsustainable for more than a few blinks of an eye. While a statement of support and demonstration of fortitude at least near the levels of "the troops" would have been most welcome, real silence would certainly have been preferable to today's history-making* moment.
Read every word.

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