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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Victory lessons, and today's items

Victory Lessons from Ronald Reagan
greatest Republican of our time, we should revisit the crucial victory lessons from President Reagan. In all his campaigns for the California governorship and for the Presidency, Reagan demonstrated the timeless value of three essential political characteristics: clarity, cheerfulness and unity. If Republicans manage to emphasize and exemplify these traits they will win in 2008 and beyond and re-enforce their status as the nation's majority party.

1. CLARITY. Throughout his public career, Reagan associated himself with a handful of simple but profound ideas: government isn't the solution, it's the problem; the people deserve lower taxes and less regulation; Communism must be defeated, not accommodated. In his public pronouncements he never varied from these core principles and he never worried about repeating himself, confident in the knowledge that the truth always sounds fresh and appropriate.
Twilight zone at the border.

Sunday June 3, 2007, is ICD 7: International Capitalism Day 2007 I've been celebrating all along but on that day I'll celebrate even more (h/t Maria).

Pakistani Muslim couple tied up, stoned to death - on SUSPICION of committing adultery: the woman was 40, the man, 45. Atlas has more.

Hillary is resentful, but not at Bill. Me, I resent Hillary and all her nagging.

Bruce Kesler fisks NYT theater critic Patricia Cohen: Progressive Jewish Thought and the New Anti-Semitism. Methinks Pat's looking for a spot on the op-ed page, like her predecessor. (h/t Larwyn)

John Kerry's on a roll (h/t Larwyn), which segues well with Interchangeable goofballs (h/t Maria).

CatHouse Chat asks Why don't we let them decide?

Speaking of the troops, As for the married troops, they could still get homemade lemon squares.

In praise of oil, via Maria

This is the sunset of the "Age of Aquarius." Was about time!

Don't sign me up for one of these, thanks: The lunchtime facelift
A popular fast face-lift is called Sculptra, a 30-minute procedure involving a series of injections (a mix of poly-L-lactic acid material mixed with water) used to stimulate the growth of collagen and provide a gradual increase in skin thickness.
You call it a facelift, I call it a callus.

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