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Monday, January 29, 2007

Gustavo Coronel proposes A "Homeopathic" Alternative

Curbing Chavez:
A "Homeopathic" Alternative
In alternative medicine or quackery, as you prefer to call it, there is a method that aims to cure through the use of an agent that would produce similar symptoms to those of the ailment that is to be cured. This homeopathic method could be used in our country to oust or, at least, to neutralize Chavez.
Go read how.

Surprise, surprise: Venezuela's Chavez slams Mexico for forging strong ties with Washington

The WSJ is asking, Could Weak Oil Cost Venezuela, Iran Clout?
Softening oil prices over the past few months have spurred hope in Washington that less revenue for oil-rich states could weaken the hand of governments the U.S. considers worrisome -- particularly those in Iran, Venezuela and Russia.

The three nations are potentially vulnerable: Oil-and-gas revenue accounts for between two-thirds and three-quarters of government income in both Venezuela and Iran, and only slightly less in Russia.
At least Russia's marketing things other than oil: Venezuela Plans to Follow Iran’s Suit, Buy Anti-Missile Systems from Russia
The government of Venezuela plans to buy anti-missile systems from Russia, local media reported quoting the country’s Defense Minister Raul Baduel. The cost of the deal to acquire Tor-M1 rockets is estimated at $290 million.

Tor M1 is the only system in the world, which is capable of detecting and tracking up to 48 targets and engaging two of them simultaneously.

Venezuela’s military authorities plan to use this system in combination with Chinese radars and 24 military aircraft that this South American country will buy from Russia. MosNews has reported last July that Moscow and Caracas reached an agreement for delivery of Russian Su-30MK2 fighter jets. Earlier Russia has supplied Venezuela with 100,000 of Kalashnikov rifles and even agreed to sell the license for their production.
I've been posting about the Venezuelan arms race for nearly two years now.

Anyway, Hugo says the boliburguesia won't fear for its assets:
President Hugo Chávez denied Sunday that his left-leaning government would seize private property -- such as second homes or expensive cars -- from the wealthy and called on Venezuelans not to fear his accelerated push toward socialism.
And they can buy sattellite TV.

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