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Monday, January 29, 2007

The French are nuts

Do they really think that making Nicolas Sarkozy look like Mr. Bean is a good idea?

It gets worse: 4 Saturday Night Fever moves, and 8 (eight!) Michael Jackson-like moves. Michael Jackson - just the name any politician would want associated with their campaign.

Says The Guardian
Sarkozy's site www.discosarko.com is part of an effort to market the interior minister as hip and in-touch with the times and to collect contact details from potential supporters.
Hip and in touch with the times? What times are those? The times of almost three decades ago?

Mes amis, dudes, DISCO's DEAD.

Sarko's competition? She's out there visiting Hizbollah and travelling to China on the Chinese government's dime.


Nidra has more on the whole sorry spectacle.

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