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Monday, September 29, 2008

The nuclear Venezuela Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean


Welcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. If you would like your posts included, please email me: faustaw2 "at" gmail "dot" com.

The big news this week:
Alvaro Uribe visited the US and spoke at the UN. The American media paid no attention to the US's greatest ally in the hemisphere.

A new oil field recently found in Colombia is larger than expected.

Chavez is back from his tour of China, Portugal and Russia promising he will develop nuclear power "for peaceful purposes" with Russia's help
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had offered help with a reactor, adding that "we already have a commission working on this issue."
From China, Chavez got agreements on oil, producing oil tankers and a refinery, and launching a Venezuelan telecommunications satellite from China.

A more important result from the trip is that $1 billion military loan and a new oil consortium from Russia. Putin doesn't send you $1billion without expecting really big results: Russia is bankrolling an arms race right in our hemisphere, folks.

In other news, Ecuador's new constitution was approved by a margin of 65%. I predicted yesterday that it would pass by 60%, only because Soviet-style 99%+ margins have gone out of fashion. This is probably the first Constitution in the world which grants inalienable rights to nature
Ecuador’s proposed constitution includes an article that grants nature the right to “exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles, structure, functions and its processes in evolution” and will grant legal standing to any person to defend those rights in court.
Conveniently so, considering how it'll be yet another weapon against foreign corporations and political enemies.

And now for the Carnival
Today's Brazil, Peru, Argentina: Latin America Bond, Currency Preview at Bloomberg.

Better late than never: Ms Fernández tries to charm the markets by revisiting the 2005 debt swap

The Last Days of a Nazi-Era Photographer

Via IBD Blog, U.S. moves to suspend trade benefits for Bolivia

Bolivia es un paraiso de narcotraficantes

Evo Morales Supports Terrorist Groups

US-Bolivia economic relations hit the skids

Brazil Booms by Going Lula's Way

Brazil unveils deforestation plan: The Brazilian government has pledged to end net deforestation by 2015.

Brazilian speeder gets $1.9m fine

Real-politik: Why elections, even to lowly office, are so expensive

Lula’s oil dream

A force for good, now: A newly streamlined army polishes its democratic credentials

What We Can Learn From Chile's Financial Crisis. I'll add the video as soon as the code is available.

80%'er Meets 80%'er at UN Photos: Sarah Palin meets with Uribe

Solana Says Oil Field in Colombia May Be Larger Than Estimated

New NEFA Report on the FARC's International Support Network

Proposed Russian-Cuba-Venezuela Space Cooperation Raises Many Questions

Cuba silent on latest U.S. aid offer
The United States made another offer of aid to Cuba, this time in the form of $6.3 million worth of construction materials. Cuba has yet to respond.

Via Lucianne, Castro’s arrogance blocks aid

Back to normal, also at Babalu

Cuba's ambitions for growth laid to waste yet again.

Correa's Communism Set to Win on Sunday: Opposition Failed to Tell the Truth; Carter Center Lies about Ecuadorean Constitution

Ecuador Seems Likely to Clear Constitution

Ecuador: New laws, new conflicts

U.S. Coast Guard Sinks 60-Foot Cocaine "Submarine" off Guatemala-Mexico Coast

1,000 slain: Juárez drug war death continue to mount

Mexico on the brink?

Rewriting the book of Daniel

Nicaragua's stellar record of treatment of dissenting opinions


Mitsui Mining to Restart Copper Production at Mine in Peru

Chavez says Venezuela will develop nuclear power

The Miami Venezuelan Maletagate trial part X: A Venezuelan court orders the assets of Maionica and Kauffmann seized

Some possible leftovers from the Vene-Russian love affair

Putin says ties with Latin America a top priority

Chavez: Latin States Should Partner With Russia Against U.S.

Venezuelan president arrives in China

Venezuela: Iran to finance 25 factories

Downright lunacy, via IBD Blog, US Department of Energy to deliver oil from strategic reserve to Citgo

La oposición venezolana acusa a la Policía de idear un falso complot para matar a Chávez

Russia, Venezuela to Form Oil Venture, Spend Billions

Newly installed in Caracas: a monument to the FARC’s founder, Manuel Marulanda, who died of a heart attack last March.

Republican quits in Hispanic row

Moscow on the main

Change for Change's Sake isn't Enough

This week’s podcasts and posts

Uribe, Brazil, and the UN: 15 Minutes on Latin America

Special thanks to Eneas, GoV, Larwyn, Maggie and Maria.

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