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Monday, June 16, 2008

Venezuela: RCTV's anchorman stabbed to death in his Caracas apartment

This is the second Venezuelan journalist killed in a week. Scroll down

Asesinado Javier García, ancla de El Observador de RCTV
Javier García, periodista y ancla de El Observador de RCTV, ha sido asesinado, este fin de semana, de varias puñaladas, en el interior de su apartamento de Caracas.

El hallazgo ocurrió en el departamento del comunicador, ubicado en Colinas de Bello Monte, en Caracas. Se desconoce el móvil del crimen.

(my translation:)
Javier Garcia, journalist and anchorman of RCTV's Observer newscast, was stabbed to death this weekend in his Caracas apartment.

He was found in his residence at Colinas de Bello Monte, Caracas. The motive for the crime is unknown.
Noticias 24 says that the building's doorman stopped a man who tried to leave the building with a suitcase. When the doorman asked where was he coming from, the man said the suitcase belonged to Garcia. The doorman didn't allow the man to leave with the suitcase.

Here is a video report in Spanish:

Readers of this blog will remember that Chavez closed RCTV last year, amidst a great deal of outrage. For more information on the RCTV closing please listen to my May 26, 2007 podcast.

Pierre Gerges, vice president of Reporte Diario de la Economia, was driving his brother's car Monday evening a week ago when two unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle shot him at least 12 times: The IHT has the article, Venezuelan newspaper says executive's killing due to reporting


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