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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sue Opec?

"Sue Opec", says Thomas Evans in today's NYT.

Oh, please.

Let's waste time in court instead of aggresively developing the reserves that we know already exist, building nuclear plants and developing oil shale? Should we push for a symbollic propaganda move (which will generate even more anti-American press), or focus on America becoming independent of foreign oil?

By the time any such lawsuit would make it to court, the American consumer will be purchasing oil pumped from ANWR. We're talking decades-long lawsuit here. And forget about collecting damages of any kind in the unlikely event the US wins.

Aggresively exploiting the reserves that we know already exist, building nuclear plants, developing oil shale, and exploring new reserves will do far more for America's security and independence from foreign oil, and it will destabilize Opec (and their terror-sponsoring dictatorships) more effectively than any lawsuit.

Never mind the question of whether OPEC is telling the truth about their reserves.

Sue Opec? No, thanks.

'nuff said.


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At 9:13 PM, Blogger steveegg said...

Not to mention at the point where a suit is likely to succeed, OPEC would simply pull the plug, and without a major oil exploitation program already bearing fruit, that will make 1973 and 1979 look like mere hiccups.

At 11:02 PM, Anonymous Denny said...

Also as my friend Michael pointed out, OPEC would simply pull all of their money out of the US which would do wonders for our financial system.


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