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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama: Offshore drilling is "a gimmick"

While China, Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil do their outmost to drink our offshore milkshake, Obama's saying that offshore drilling is "a gimmick":
Obama, who wants to keep a moratorium on offshore drilling, will argue that McCain is offering a "gimmick" similar to the gas tax holiday proposal.
In Las Vegas this afternoon, Obama slammed McCain's energy proposals, arguing that they are "gimmicks" that may poll well but do not provide immediate relief. Obama said that he supports McCain's $300 million battery prize but that alone would not be enough.
In the same speech, Obama proposed a "stimulus package", "another round of rebate checks to the American people", and, the biggie:

Not gimmicks, no siree....

After all, green jobs may help bring down the price of arugula.

But hey, there's good news on energy policy coming from the Dems: Maxine Waters's spokeperson claims that she didn't really mean it when Waters talked about nationalizing the oil industry. As Betsy says,
At least we're still at the point that even someone like Waters has to pretend that she doesn't really want to socialize American industry.
One has to wonder what Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) has to say next. Here's what he was saying last week:

Link: sevenload.com

Meanwhile, the Brazilians oil exploration may mean that their recent discoveries may all be connected and form one big oil field. How's that for a gimmick, Obama?

While we wait for the senator to answer that question, let's ponder the No Zone again:

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