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Friday, June 06, 2008

A Note from the French Lunatic Asylum, and more in the afternoon roundup

A Note from the French Lunatic Asylum
Richard Landes has a translation of an article from the French weekly news magazine Le Nouvel Observateur up at Augean Stables. Because I am unfamiliar with the naval-gazing world of the French Elite (they invented the word!), at first I thought that "Nouvel Observateur" must be some kind of French Idiom for Lunatic Asylum. The thing is such a monument to un-self conscious self-deification and denial of reality that it reads most readily as either parody or the ravings of the insane. If you read it sentence by sentence and really listen to what they are implying, it really sounds as if it was written by a group of loonies- some who think they are Napoleons, Louis XIV, a few Richelieus and a Robespierre or two- sitting around in the day room of a French mental hospital. I searched some of the names of the signatories and to my surprise, most of them appear to be out on the streets and without psychiatric "paperwork". So, I guess, it turns out that we were meant to take it seriously.
Go read the whole post, and make sure to read Circling the Wagons around Charles: Le Nouvel Obs calls for Solidarity with their colleague under attack

Getting by with a little help... from your friends:

Mary Katherine Ham has Obama on your shoulder

New blog Versailles Beat has a great post on Dr Oscar Elias Biscet

Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

Via Ace, the Amazon Wish list for the men and women recovering at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

The menu at the World Hunger Meeting: Your UN Dollars Fighting Hunger!

Egypt Uncovers 'Missing' Pyramid, unfortunately most of it was gone.

Speaking of archeology, Machu Picchu got looted by a German guy before Bingham got there. Too bad Klaus Kinsky is dead - Herzog could have made a great movie with Kinsky playing Berns the raider. Or will Indy get the prequel?


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