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Thursday, June 05, 2008

McCain's teeth

How McCain spent six long years:
In 1968, the Vietnamese broke off many of his teeth at the gum and tortured him for hours on end. They offered him early release, knowing his value as an admirals son, but he refused, saying others had been held captive longer."
Source Daily Mail, February 1, 2008
Well, since the Obamatopia can't get here from focusing on the issues, the Obamamaniacs have to resort to critiquing cosmetic dentistry.

Moe's asking Obama, "How much money did you troll from dKos, again?"

Note to the McCain campaign people: Time to dump the Kos off the featured blogs list.

UPDATE, Friday 6 June
Doug Ross has the visuals.


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At 10:44 PM, Blogger Pat Patterson said...

This reminded me of the incident that Stephen Ambrose described, or someone he borrowed from, in one his biographies of Pres. Eisenhower from when Ike was a firstie (senior) at West Point. Eisenhower, was upbrading a returning 2nd year cadet, a yearling, for showing up at the gate in a threadbare suit and a sack of his belongings before their six week stay at Camp Buckner. Eisenhower demanded to know if this cadet had some menial job during the summer such as being a barber.

The cadet admitted that he indeed cut hair in the summer and swept up in a shop to help out his mother. Eisenhower had the good grace to immediately apologize and then promised himself to never again judge a man by his clothes or his job. It's too bad Kos had never heard this story or even had the slightest manners to simply pass on the post in the first place. I can't wait to the reaction on the left if someone, not me, eventually describes Sen. Obama as being a mulatto. The outraged screams will deafen us all.


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