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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Democrat stupidity on drilling endangers our economy

Yid With Lid has a great post on oil drilling
The Number ONE economic issue in this election season should be energy, specifically tapping America's incredible domestic energy resources.Its time for America to wake up and smell the gas fumes. TODAY the US is sitting on an estimated 115 billion barrels of oil and 633 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, if tapped it would be enough to drive down the price of oil, lower the cost of producing food cutting down those costs, and free the United States from the grip of the Oil Producing countries, many of which use their petrodollars to fund terrorism. Sounds Cool right? Lets Go DO IT !!! Well we can't.

U.S. Federal government and various states ban drilling in thousands upon thousands of square miles off the U.S. Coast. So we are at the mercy of both OPEC and the overreacting environmentalists. Yesterday our friends in the Democratic Party blocked a bill that would allowed off shore drilling between 50 and 200 miles from shore. In other words far enough away from shore to protect the coastline.
Via Babalu,

Over 640,000 people have signed Newt's petition for Congress to allow drilling in proven oil reserves. You can sign here.

It's time for real change:

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