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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Uribe Calls Pelosi's Bluff

Today's WSJ editorial, Uribe Calls Pelosi's Bluff (emphasis added):
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's main excuse for trying to kill the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement is that Colombian President Álvaro Uribe winks at atrocities by his country's illegal paramilitary groups. The charge has always been false, and yesterday Mr. Uribe proved it by extraditing 14 "para" leaders to the U.S.
Regardsless of Pelosi's idiocy,
Mr. Uribe has done more to reduce violence, from both right and left, than any president in modern Colombian history.
The message that Nancy's squabbling gives the world is that in America, the only superpower in the world, political squabbles take precedence over security interests.

Colombia Ups Ante on Free Trade Agreement

Mr. Uribe's Send-Off
The Colombian president confounds his American critics by doing exactly what they asked for.
In the meantime, Human Rights Watch and its congressional partners are running out of excuses for their campaign against the U.S. free-trade agreement with Colombia. The murders of "trade unionists" they decried have drastically decreased; the paramilitary leaders they claimed would go free are in U.S. custody. If their agenda is genuinely human rights -- and not opposition to free trade -- it's time for them to change course.


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At 7:39 AM, Blogger Kate said...

Arriba, Dr. Uribe!

What a lot of people (read: the Democraps in Congress) fail to realize is that even before these extremely high-profile extraditions murders of union bosses --a cause the unionists here like to champion-- were going to trial and being prosecuted in Colombia. Even reports coming out of unions in Colombia cited that violence against them had gone significantly down since Uribe assumed the presidency in 2002; the ones who are really making the noise are the unions in the States.


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