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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Tirofijo's-dead edition of the Carnival of Latin American and the Caribbean

Welcome to the Memorial Day Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. If you would like your links included on next week's Carnival please email me: faustaw2 "at" gmail "dot" com. Other than ads for vacation spots, I'll be happy to post your links.

The really big story: Tirofijo, the FARC top guy, is dead. The FARC has confirmed this news. There is much speculation as to the fate of the hundreds of hostages - among them Ingrid Betancourt - and as to how Marulanda's death will impact the FARC.

Of course you will find headlines glorifying the son of a bitch, as TIME magazine does with Colombia's Rebel Patriarch Is Dead. Patriarch of death, if anything. Notice also the photo showing his pious hands held in prayer (no, I won't post the photo here). The editors of TIME have earned my contempt.

Investor's Business Daily blog

The Criminal-Terrorist Nexus and the DEA

South American Presidents Agree to Form Unasur Bloc: "The continental bloc, for now at least, is likely to exist only on paper."

Argentina: Epopeyas en pugna

Las FARC sí pertenecen al Foro de Sao Paulo

I wish I could think of a way to relate this to hippos

Colombia's FARC leader dead

Tirofijo dead?

Colombia's big news: "Tirofijo" FARC leader 'dead' says military

In addition to Tirofijo's death, yet another FARc criminal surrendered last week: Starving FARC Leader Surrenders in Colombia-- Responsible For Murder of President Uribe's Father Gateway Pundit also posts FARC Connections to German Leftists & US Democrats Exposed, also at Prairie Pundit, from Der Spiegel's German Left Wing May Have Ties to Colombian Extremists

Colombia's top FARC commander is dead - government source

Colombia probes 12 for alleged FARC ties
The computer files found with slain FARC leader Rául Reyes continued to reverberate in Colombia on Thursday with the announcement by prosecutors that they will investigate whether 12 people -- including three Colombian lawmakers and a retired American consultant -- had unauthorized contacts with the guerrilla group.

At least some of those now under investigation -- including Colombian Sen. Piedad Córdoba and American consultant James Jones -- have tried to get the FARC to release hostages they have kidnapped.
Merkel apoya a Uribe contra las FARC y el narcotráfico

Colombia's media
An icon reborn: The return of a campaigning newspaper

The Terrorists' Man in Washington

Blogger creates freedom

From where I sit

The Cuban American Jewish Mission

The Jews of Cuba

Ecuadoreans reject Colombia rebel probe

Ecuador names naval officer to head state oil company

Allegiance and citizenship

It's Time to Bust the Telmex Monopoly

Education in Mexico: Testing the teachers

Peruvian Nazis rally for Hugo Chavez

Puerto Rico's Historic Vote

Puerto Rico Gets Its Moment in the Sun (the Political One) as Primary Nears

Hillary and Obama Campaign in Puerto Rico

The FARC files: Just how much help has Hugo Chávez given to Colombia's guerrillas?

Boris Johnson Ends Energy Accord Between London, Venezuela
London mayor Boris Johnson said the energy funding agreement between London and Venezuela's state- owned oil company will not be renewed on Aug. 20, according to an e-mailed statement from his press office.

This will save an estimated 67,000 pounds ($133,000) per year in running and staff costs, Johnson said
Iran and Venezuela to launch joint bank

Linking Venezuela and the FARC

In Venezuelan Schools, Creating 'a New Man'

Indoctrination in the idiocy of socialism in Venezuela

Obama's Assessment of the 'Tiny' Threat From Iran, Venezuela, Cuba

Contemplating a Summit Between Hugo Chavez and President Obama

Delta Amacuro News and Views

Chavez's economic policy shifts as "solutions" have not worked

Venezuela-OPEC Oil Output Dispute to Be Resolved

Hugo and the Venezuela chocolate factory

No limit to oil price rise: Chavez

Charleston Caribbean Festival

US Elections 2008
Obama's Latin America policy

McCain Gets It On Latin America

Will Obama free Cuba?

Obama, the One-Man Gaffe Machine

Special thanks to Maria, Larwyn, Eneas and Maggie.


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At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Stormwarning said...

Actually, I don't see much changing with the FARC Fausta. Their mission is alot bigger than the one man, even though (if) he was as important to the movement over the years as he was. As with many situations like this one, time will tell more than my opinion, or anyone else's for the matter.

At 4:24 PM, Anonymous Gringo said...

A new Venezuelan blog, The Bi-Polar Capybara, has a new take on UNASUR : Unión de Naciones Arrimadas Sin Uribe por Rata (Union of Nations Leaning without Uribe on the Rat) HT: Daniel-Venezuela

Great take on Evita III de Kirchner!

At 8:03 PM, Blogger Dr. Paul said...

Thanks for the inclusion from Jamaica.


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