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Thursday, May 22, 2008

This morning's must-read

I'm lagging behind on work and will be posting more later, but for now, read Why is nobody interested in how the British Empire abolished slavery worldwide? (via Belmont Club commenter johnclubvec - emphasis added):
Why is this successful, heroic and admirable story so little known?

Probably because abolition was initiated by evangelical ('born again') Christians - and these people are not popular among the liberal and leftish commentators who are most-often concerned with issues of slavery nowadays. And - although legislation and treaties were important, and although many abolitionists and abolition societies were pacifists (eg. Quakers) - in practice, world slavery was abolished by coercive force deployed my a major world power. This is an uncomfortable fact for moral activists to swallow.
Read the rest: while the essay is on slavery, it is completely relevant to our times.

More blogging later today.


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