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Friday, May 02, 2008

Questions for Obama

A couple of months ago my friend Paul had a few questions for Obama

Hugh Hewitt has more questions,
What year did you join Trinity Church?

How often did you attend services there? (This requires follow-up after the inevitable ambiguous answer. Wwas it quarterly, monthly, weekly? Did you belong to any of the church's many organizations, like a men's fellowship? These aren't trick questions. Any church member knows exactly how often they go to church, and the patterns don't change much after they are set.)

When you attended the Million Man March, did you go with a group of men from Trinity? Did you see Pastor Wright on that trip?

How often would you see Pastor Wright in a setting away from church.

Did you go out to dinner together? Socialize together? Travel together?
More at Hewitt's.

In other Democrat news, Ed says that this (h/t Siggy) is a fabrication:

I'm not so sure, but I agree with Patterico,
it’s not surprising how much of a battle the Democratic primary has become. What is surprising is that the news media blogs are responding like citizen blogs. One guy with a laptop breaks stories as they happen and sometimes has to take them down with an explanation. Other bloggers read the stories and follow up.
And the Clinton campaign is not going to throw the towel, no matter what.


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At 9:48 PM, Blogger Anthony (Los Angeles) said...

After first thinking that video of Kantor was real, I'm now leaning toward it being a fake. Kantor would have to have been incredibly dumb to say something like that knowing the camera was right there, and it would have caused a furor back in '93, I'm sure.

That said, it was easy to believe because it fit so well with modern left-liberal elitism.


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