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Friday, May 16, 2008

Non-politics politics Friday morning

While there are lots of interesting posts about Obama and all the rest of the Rezko, and some Republicans are total morons, today I probably won't be posting on American politics.

You can say that, at least for today, I'm "up to here" with all the bs.

Look at it:
The 2-year long Presidential campaign is a thudding bore. No matter the facts, the media is intent on bringing about Obamatopia (Ed came up with Obamatopia). Hillary's not throwing the towel until there's blood on the Convention floor. McCain's embraced global warming. Worst yet, there's an excruciating five and a half more months of this stuff to endure, and then the politicians will start on the 2012 campaign.

Peachy, isn't it? Just thinking about it makes you warm all over, doesn't it?

Then you have four judges in California overturning the law and the statewide initiative approved by the voters in 2000 (both of which had defined marriage as limited to unions between a man and a woman). Reason enough for Baldilocks to leave California - but don't come to New Jersey, Baldilocks, because where California goes, NJ follows. Forget about Seattle, too.

It's enough to make a woman want to go out and buy some nice shoes to take her mind off things. Even today's horoscope for Virgo says so:
Buy something that makes you feel stylish, now that the Moon is in your 2nd House of Self-Worth. Taking extra time to look good allows you to feel good, too. This can seem like a superficial indulgence, but when you see yourself in a more flattering light, you're likely to be more confident on every level.
Since I only own one house, I'm not sure where my 2d House is, but shoes are always good retail therapy. All the same, you can be assured that my Self-Worth is doing very well, thank you.

Luckily there's NeoNeocon's grandma to read about and another of The Anchoress's Q & A sessions (which does include a bit of politics).

Of course there's always food: In this morning's podcast Siggy and I will be talking about food - join us at 11AM Eastern
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Speaking of food, now that polar bears are in the endangered species list, GM has the list of Top 10 Uses For Polar Bear Fat, and Flip's got The Lumbering Delicacy: Tasty Polar Bear Recipes.



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At 9:15 AM, Blogger Kat said...

Hey, Fausta, thanks very much for the link! Of course, I really cannot take credit for finding that article; one of my Virginia blog family posted it to our list this morning, and it just about ruined my day ;-)

Nevertheless, it's FRIDAY, so I refuse to let the turkeys (well, RINOs, in this case, LOL) get me down!

Thanks again for the link, and i hope you have a fantastic weekend.


-- Kat

At 9:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK Fausta, the guys have taken care about polar bear fat and meat. You get to decide what to do with the fur. Be creative.

At 9:36 AM, Blogger Baron Bodissey said...

Shoes! I'm glad to see shoes come into it. Politics alone is boring.

A Fausta post without shoes is like a breakfast without Wheaties.

At 6:35 PM, Anonymous GM Roper said...

Baron, I wear SAS "Time-Outs" The most comfortable shoe in the world. Does that help if SHOES is in the comments?

Fausta, thanks for the link, maybe it will "grease" a few hits my way. (sorry, I couldn't restrain myself).


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