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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A new class of victims

Democrat politics are all about making people believe that government is what will save all of us victims. Yesterday Obama was creating a new class of victims: veterans.

He continued with a town hall-style question and answer period that cast veterans in the only role with which the Democrats are comfortable--victims--and sought to politicize the holiday.
Victimology is what Democrat politics are all about, because, as TigerHawk explains,
Lots of victims are, of course, necessary to sustain statism, because non-victims can deal with their problems without any need for politicians. Still, the quantity of victims seems to increase during election years, particularly when Democrats are trying to take over from Republicans. Presumably the quantum of supposed victims in our society will decline in 2009 almost no matter who wins the White House, only to pick up again in the months before the next election.
TigerHawk is clearly an optimist. The Dems will continue to create new classes of victims the moment the 2008 election is done and they start with the next election.

By the way, Obama apparently doesn't know the difference between Memorial Day, which commemorates the dead, and Veteran's Day, which honors all veterans. But then, Veteran's Day comes after election day, so you can't really put those victims to political use.


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