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Friday, May 30, 2008

Nancy does it again, and other roundup items

Never shy of stealing the show by cozying up to the tyrants, Nancy Pelosi, after her Hermes tour of Syria and giving Colombia the "Chavez rule", now Nancy
Hails Iranian Goodwill in Iraq.

But let's not question whose side she is on!

Pelosi is so hung up with trying to prove that the Iraqi government is failing because to acknowledge otherwise would be to hint that something has gone right in the past year with our new strategy in Iraq. And she can't do that because she is politically invested in that strategy's failure and her party's efforts to pull the rug out from under those efforts. So her solution is to praise the "goodwill" of those who are behind a lot of the violence that we see in the entire Middle East. Her ignorance and partisan approach to reality is breathtaking.


Turk Receives Death Penalty in Saudi Arabia
A Turkish-born barber, living and working in Saudi Arabia, was recently convicted for the ‘crime’ of apostasy and has been sentenced to death. The man, Sabri Bogday, had a quarrel with a person from Egypt and a Saudi during which he seemingly cursed the name of God. This is of course unacceptable in Saudi Arabia and… as a result, the judges of that country have decided that Bogday deserves to die.
Read all of it.

Does Hillary have manhands?

The Chinese may have copied the contents of the Secretary of Commerce's laptop when he was visiting China (h/t the Baron)

Israel, Heart of the Middle East

Not chump change: Mega-Scandal in Iran: $35 Billion in Oil Money Missing from State Coffers. That's billions with a "b"

Forget the Tupperware—let’s have a miracle fruit party

Yes, it's porch blogging weather, a joyful day indeed.


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