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Thursday, May 15, 2008

McCain's bloggers' call

This morning McCain gave speech in Ohio regarding what he believes the US would look like in 2013 after his first term. "By 2013 we would have won in Iraq: Malaki government would have won, sporadic attacks in Iraq but Iraqi government has taken over and American troops are out of harm's way and we'll have American troop presence arrangement similar to the one in Korea. Functioning and working Iraqi military."

Mc Cain would be glad to have a debate with Clinton & Obama as to whether we're winning now. The surge has worked and continues to work. We will not announce a date for withdrawal and will not have chaos and genocide.

Jennifer Rubin: Lebanon, and Pres. Bush saying the Democrats are for appeasement
"First of all Pres. Bush wasn't talking about Obama. There are may instances of appeasement in the 20th Century and before.
It's very clear that it's a highest degree of naivete and inexperience to assume that face to face talks with Iranians, a terrorist nation, who are developing nuclear weapons and pose a threat to the region and Israel.
Hezbollah has never had the slightest intention of giving up their weapons. If Sen Obama wants to sit and talk with Iran, what is it he wants to talk about. The belief that this would have to be done in a face to face situation, which enhances Iran's prestige, shows that Obama doesn't have the experience."
McCain wants to debate Obama on that point.

Michael Goldfarb: What do you think the nature of the conversation would be with Iran?
McCain would set three preconditions:
Would have Iranians renounce their intention to wipe Israel off the map.
Abandoning their ambitions to nuclear weapons
Would have to stop exporting explosive devices into Iraq.
Then meaningful negotiations would take place if they also stop their sponsorship of terrorist negotiations. The Iranian ambassador in Bagdad has not signalled any intention of meeting these preconditions to Ambassador Crocker. If you sat down across the table you would enhance their prestige and influence in the region.

Jim Gerarghty: NYTimes article saying that Obama wouldn't but how do you hold MYT accountable when they cover for Obama?
"I don't know - when Obama said he'd negotiate the NAFTA, which make Canada say they'll sell their oil to China, while in NC he said he's a free trader. There's not only inconsistency but contradiction in what Obama says."

Doug Lambert: "Doing what is doable" - has McCain been talking to Newt?
He has talked and read a couple of his books. Would be pleased to have conversations with Newt because he has great ideas and was the architect of Contract With America.

Question on nuclear power:
"Most problems are of our own making because of Carter's reprocessing ban and 3 Mile Island. We haven't found a place to store it. I intend to fix all those things and wants to encourage pure research and development in all areas, including cars who give 100 miles per gallon."

Erin Conteki: why did he decide to announce his troop withdrawal timeline - why 2013?
"Apparently you didn't read or understand - We are withdrawing troops to pre-surge levels. I know we're going to win. With victory comes withdrawal of troops. 2013 is the end of my first term. Will withdraw troops at that point with the advice of Petraeus and conditions on the ground. We are not announcing a date for withdrawal."
Plans to take care of troops when they come home?
Every veteran organization has recognized McCain for his support to the troops and their mission. McCain wants to encourage retention in the armed forces, increasing educational plans, and other.

Last question, work towards bipartisanship if elected - which positions would he appoint Democrats?
"I don't identify specific posts; what we do is find the best and the brightest and if the person is the most capable, then we appoint them so they can inspire others."


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At 8:42 AM, Blogger Mr. Bingley said...

"we appoint them so they can inspire others."

god, i hate pc-crap language like that.i don't want government officials appointed to "inspire;" i want them appointed to do their jobs efficiently.


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