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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kenya: Muslim clerics declare war on condoms

Via Yid With Lid, KENYA: Muslim clerics declare war on condoms
Muslim leaders in Kenya's North Eastern Province have resolved to campaign against the promotion of condoms as a means of preventing HIV.
The leaders agreed to actively preach against the use and public promotion of condoms as a strategy to contain the pandemic and prevent pregnancy. They also agreed to oppose the distribution of condoms in villages and educational institutions across the northeast.
What to do, instead? Avoid looking at women, for starters:
The leaders expressed their view that the best way for the youth to avoid HIV was through the observance of Islamic teachings such as fasting, regular prayer and shunning extramarital affairs. They advised men to avoid looking at women, who should dress modestly.
Then there's the myth, too:
Abdi Welli, a taxi driver in Garissa, told IRIN/PlusNews he agreed with the clerics that condoms should be banned. He believed the widespread myth that condoms and contraceptives were laced with the HI virus. "We know the condoms are not safe ... if you want to contract the virus that causes AIDS, then use [a condom]," he said. "After all, we have heard in the past that the Western world is using the condom to eliminate Africans, and Muslims in particular."
In another part of the world, a Yemenite cleric claims to have found the cure for AIDS by reading a hadith: He "won't object to American companies adopting his invention on condition that they pressure the American administration to remove his name from the list of terrorism suspects."

What a guy.

But wait, the President of Gambia claims to have found the cure for AIDS, too... as long as it's on a Thursday:


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At 12:00 PM, Blogger SC&A said...

Stupidity is a commodity given out by God, in great abundance.


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