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Friday, May 02, 2008

Ken Livingstone looking for a new job

Friend of Hugo Chavez does not think he will win the mayoral race.

18 Doughty Street has a series of videos on Livingstone's other friends.

Gateway Pundit has more on Ken's loss.

London bridge is falling down.

This just in:
Boris Johnson poised to become London Mayor as Tories seal local election success
Boris Johnson is preparing to be unveiled as the new mayor of London later today following Labour’s collapse across Britain in the local elections.
Senior Conservative sources said they would be “gobsmacked” if Mr Johnson did not win the mayoral contest and even Downing Street aides appear to have conceded that Ken Livingstone has lost. Confidence of a Tory win was boosted after one bookmaker announced it was paying out on a Boris Johnson victory hours before the official result is expected later this evening.
Winning the London mayoral contest is expected to cap an historic electoral win for the Conservatives with David Cameron’s party on course for more than 44 per cent of the national vote. Labour is now expected to finish with as little as 24 per cent, humiliatingly pushed into third place by the Liberal Democrats on 25 per cent.
Good-bye to Red Ken
Break out the champagne!


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At 9:55 PM, Blogger Anthony (Los Angeles) said...

Goodbye and good riddance. Red Ken really is a poster-child for dictator-hugging fools on the Left.

At 5:30 AM, Blogger Pat Patterson said...

The Teegraph claims that Boris Johnson is now the best known and most popular Tory in England, though to be fair I think that the Guardian is still referring to him as #@^*#@#. The problem is in that the Tories in England under the Boy-King David Cameron are about as conservative as the DLC but at least without the bimbo eruptions.

MP and now Mayor Johnson, it says so on his website, used to write some very funny and pointed commentaries in The Spectator, still available in the archives, and his website but sadly became extremely predictable when he crossed the threshold of running for Mayor and realized he might actually might win.

A few years ago, unlike many of the wets he spoke out against extending the hours pubs and bars with the observation that the earlier closings meant that the chavs and the other drinkers, though staggeringly drunk, could at least not fall into their own vomit on completing that task. But the new hours only meant that the police vans seemed filled with the odor of those unable to avoid pitching head first into the freshly delivered mess.

And he noted that the beach resorts in Cornwall were complaining that they were now spending as much cleaning up the chunks as they previously had on the poo left by the seagulls.

And since he is neither a racist or a fellow traveller the possibility of interesting things happening seem less likely now the when Red Ken was saving London from the fascists and plutocrats at the LSE. But since his full name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson there is always the prospect of "...interesting times."


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