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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Interpol report Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Welcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. If you would like your posts included in next week's Carnival, please email me: faustaw2 "at" gmail "dot" com.

The week's big story:
INTERPOL's forensic report on FARC computers and hardware seized by Colombia (via Feathers blog) verified the validity of the laptop, files and information found by Colombian forces in the Ecuadorian camp of the FARC's Raul Reyes. The information confirmed that Chavez is working with the FARC.

Interpol puts Chavez, Correa on the spot

The Interpol "day after", a press review of Chavez links with the FARc and his histrionic abilities

The FARC contacts

More links and commentary listed by country.

Website of the week
Noticias 24

Vegetarians Have A Stake in Buenos Aires

A $10 million mystery: What connects the deputy-chairman of the [UK's] Conservative Party with Hugo Chávez?

Brazil Joins Front Rank Of New Economic Powers

Ghanaian drug baron arrested in Brazil

The Amazon
Marina marches off
Brazil's minister for the Amazon resigns in frustration

Not so shiny
How an excess of political stability can get in the way of good government

Via Instapundit, The Case for Colombia

FARC Terror Group Opens German & Swiss Branches

It's A Small International Workers Paradise After All! ObamaInternationalistas Ayers/Jefe Chavez/FARC & Etc.

Interpol Confirms: US Democrat Was Secretly Working With FARC To Undermine Colombian Government

Colombia's paramilitaries
Free trade in thugs
Getting tougher with right-wing warlords

Colombia Ups Ante on Free Trade Agreement

Uribe Calls Pelosi's Bluff

Hugo: No US base in Colombia or I'll go to war

Val Prieto's been blogging the CubaNostalgia conference. Go to Babalu Blog and scroll down. Here's some of the fun:

Cuba: US passed dissidents private funds.

Ecuador: Indígenas rompen con Correa y amenazan con "levantamiento" - Noticias24.com, via HACER.

That'll be the day: Correa to quit if ties to FARC proven; also at Conterterrorism blog.

Las FARC contribuyeron con 100.000 dólares a la campaña de Rafael Correa

Chavez and Correa Must Go: FARC Materials Authentic

Jamaica to benefit from multi-billion hotel projects

Mexico's Oiling Days Are Numbered

U.S. developing radiation detectors for the Mexican border; more at SF Gate.

Drug violence in Mexico
Can the army out-gun the drug lords?
Four top police officers, and more than a hundred people, are killed over the course of a single week in drug-related shootings

Crece la tension en una Nicaragua donde Ortega luce cada dia mas acorralado

The poor relation
A bid to inject new life into Panama's down-at-heel second city

Peruvian kid names US Presidents

Losing racehorses killed in Puerto Rico

Venezuela Offered Aid to Colombian Rebels: Officials Served as Middlemen With Arms Dealers, Files Show

Computer Verified, Chavez Implicated


More Evidence of Chavez Terror Ties (also at my post).

Wash your mouth with soap and water

More on the FARC-Chavez Connection

Informe Otalvora: Chavez apoya movimientos separatistas latinoamericanos - por Edgar C. Otalvora

Hugo Chavez calls Interpol "clowns"

The bizarre virtual world of the Chavez Government

Chavez: Sorry About That 'Hitler' Thing

Grow Them Young, Pay Them Well - Anti-Chavistas, That Is

Chavez: An empty revolution

Another Terror Sponsor Obama Has Promised to Meet: Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez beats breast

Venezuela seeks Latin American oil-for-food fund

Meeting with Americans in Venezuela, Chavez shows a kinder 'comandante'

What to do with Chavez

Just what the world needs: "Venezuela seeks Latin American oil-for-food fund"

Illegal in More Ways than One
Identity theft in America goes hand and hand with illegal immigration.
(I'll be posting more on this article later today.)

U.S. Must rethink Latin America Relationship - by Richard Lapper

The assimilation factor, from The NY Sun.

Via Siggy, Companies targeted in federal marriage-for-citizenship sting

In Spanish - the fabulous Jaime Bayly, via Eneas

Bayly: reacción de Hugo Chávez ante Informe de Interpol 2

Special thanks to Larwyn, Eneas, Maria, Maggie and Laura.

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