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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hillary won't be biting the bullet

The other day Geraldine Ferraro was explaining how many women who support Hillary totally identify themselves with Hillary's current situation: an older dowdy woman who has sacrificed everything for her career and who perceives herself as being more experienced and qualified, more intelligent and better prepared, losing the top job to a younger nice looking inexperienced man who's just good at BS. And she knows this is her only chance.

As it so happened, a week or so earlier two women were explaining to me why they are staunch Hillary supporters. Their description matched Ferraro's almost to the letter. Neither one could possibly understand that men routinely face the same situation in their careers, too, and when that happens they have to bite the bullet as second in charge or take early retirement. Unfortunately both my friends are also as angry as Hillary.

Hillary's anger is reaching a higher pitch: Clinton compares the Florida and Michigan fight to civil rights movement
Hillary Clinton compared her effort to seat Florida and Michigan delegates to epic American struggles, including those to free the slaves and win the right to vote for blacks and women.
And she's taking it all the way:
Hillary Rodham Clinton says she is willing to take her fight to seat Florida and Michigan delegates to the convention if the two states want to go that far. In an interview with The Associated Press, Clinton was asked whether she would support the states if they continue the fight.
The presidential candidate said Wednesday, "Yes I will. I will, because I feel very strongly about this."
And if that doesn't work, Allahpundit wonders,
Is she ... encouraging them to vote Republican if the delegations aren't seated?
Whether she is or not, Hillary ain't bitin' no bullet. She's taking this one to the Convention.

And if that isn't enough, there's always histrionic hyperboles: Clinton Desperate to Count Votes, Compares Fla. Primary to Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe was not available for comment.

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