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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Evan Sayet on Obama

Barack Obama's Racial Juggling Act
The "black" Barack would get what the white Barry couldn't: a sense of uniqueness, the benefits of affirmative action, the embrace of the "multiculturalists" in academia, and later the path to personal power and riches he sought in the overwhelmingly black wards of Chicago.

But simply calling himself "Barack" would not be enough to win him admittance to and support from the leftists in the universities where he first taught and then amongst the power brokers in the political movements whom he’d need to underwrite his thirst for power. To win their trust, allegiance, and support, Barack needed to do more than call himself "black" - after all, people like Condoleezza Rice and Bill Cosby call themselves black - he'd have to prove he was "authentically" black (i.e., held radical leftist positions).

Barry, always quick on the uptake, realized there could be no better way to prove his "true" identity as a black man than by joining the Afrocentric, anti-white, anti-Jewish church of Jeremiah Wright. In fact, he would, as always, go one step further; he’d become Wright's protege. Similarly, Barry knew there was no better way to prove his leftist credentials to the folks in academia than to sidle up to terrorists - both foreign and domestic.

Soon he would become friends and colleagues with William Ayers - whose group had murdered Americans in the 1960s and, as recently as just a few years ago, in the wake on 9/11, proclaimed that the only regret he had is that it didn't succeed in murdering more of his fellow citizens. And, just in case his resume wasn't strong enough, he'd cozy up to Edward Said, the Islamist/Arab apologist who sought to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth.

It's not that Barry necessarily believed in any of these causes — it's hard to know if Barry believes in anything other than Barry — it's that these are the kinds of things you did if you wanted money, power, and fame. And Barry wanted money, power, and fame.

Whatever doubts Barry — now insisting on only being called by his father's African name, "Barack" - may have had about kicking in with hate-mongers, racists, and terrorists were quickly assuaged as the benefits began to roll in. In what seemed like no time Barry was teaching law, and then they made him a state senator and then a U.S. senator! His wife was given a cushy job at the university and the couple's income rose to nearly half-a-million a year while they slept comfortably each night in a mansion purchased only with the "help" of Chicago mobster Tony Rezko.

And Barry’s friends, colleagues, and co-conspirators invested wisely. The young, handsome, articulate “black” man was good to his mentor at the church of hate, making sure to “kick back” a taste — nearly twenty-thousand dollars (virtually every penny the “caring” Obamas gave to charity) in 2007 alone. The university’s kindness to Ms. Obama was repaid by her husband’s advancing their radical agenda first in the state legislature and then in the United States Congress, where Barry would soon become the single most leftist of all U.S. senators. The terrorists, who would hold fundraisers for Barack, would be repaid by Barry in droves, with him not only supporting their agenda as a legislator, but using his first major national exposure — the nationally televised keynote address at the Democratic National Convention — to spread the canard of an evil and bigoted America picking on the innocent Muslims, a standard tactic of the terrorists to dissuade legitimate investigation into their plots.

Yes, Barry’s arrangements were working out well for all.
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At 7:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for someone to ask how BO feels about Ayers's educational philosophy and whether he would give him or his followers a role in forming education policies.

BTW, Frontpage has a series on more of BO's friends form the 'hood



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