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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The ears have it!

Drudge says that a movie from Kazahstan won a prize at Cannes:
A first feature-length film by Sergey Dvortsevoy, the film is about a young man returning to the steppe after military service in the hope of becoming a shepherd.

But Asa must first marry and his potential bride apparently thinks his ears are too big.

A light-hearted comedy that features camels as well as sheep, Asa's friend tries to convince the bride's parents his ears are normal-sized by showing them a picture of Britain's Prince Charles.

"Is he an African prince?" they ask. "No, American," he replies.
Camels, sheep, and Prince Charles's American ears. All it's missing is the "swimsuit".

Also via Drudge, Camille Paglia hits Hillary with the big stick
The next major female presidential candidate will be well advised to stuff any errant husband into a rucksack and chuck him down a laundry chute. If they are to be truly equal, women must fight their own fights and not rely on a borrowed spotlight.

Hillary has tried to have it both ways: to batten on her husband's nostalgic popularity while simultaneously claiming to be a victim of sexism.

Well, which is it? Are men convenient sugar daddies or condescending oppressors?
To the angry older dowdy woman who has sacrificed everything for her career and who thinks the world owes her something, the answer is, both.

The WSJ's Summer Book Guide is up.

This week's Five Best Books, works of war poetry, selected by James Winn,


Today's shoes: Franco Sarto's comedy espadrille, available in nine colors.

Not sure how they pick names for shoes, but at least it sounds better than "tragedy espadrille".


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