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Friday, April 18, 2008

Venezuela: The Simpsons are back

Simpsons Back to Bueno in Venezuela
A little more than a week after a Venezuelan TV station pulled a daily broadcast of The Simpsons amid viewer complaints of failing to be socially responsible programming - replacing it, ironically enough, with the jiggly bastion of family-friendly viewing that is Baywatch Hawaii - the cartoon series has made it back on the air.

Televen returned Matt Groening's brainchild to the airwaves Wednesday night, this time running the series at 7 p.m. as opposed to its previous scheduling of 11 a.m., when it was apparently consumed by an impressionable and much younger demographic.
The Beeb has more:
The National Telecommunications Commission also said the channel would be taken off air if it failed to move the show from its 1100 slot.

It claimed the saga of Homer Simpson, wife Marge and their three children flouted regulations that prohibit "messages that go against the whole education of boys, girls and adolescents".
It looks like the Venezuelan censors never caught on to the idea that The Simpsons are "quite an anarchic and liberal-left assault on that idea of the family".

Let's get this straight: The Simpsons got pulled off the 11AM time slot because they weren't "socially responsible", and Babewatch Hawaii is. But now the Simpsons are back at 7PM instead. You must admit, you can't say that Babewatch Hawaii (or any of the Babewatches) doesn't go against the whole of anyone's education; to the contrary.

I'm blinded by the brilliance of their logic. Mr. Spock would have been proud.

In other Venezuelan news, Venezuela is now the biggest importer of foreign weapons in South America, and ninth world-wide, and A First Nations chief from southern Manitoba is asking Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for $1 million to fight for pipeline royalties. With bills like that, no wonder Hugo needs his money, pronto.


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At 8:59 AM, Blogger foutsc said...


At 9:04 AM, Blogger Dave Lucas said...

So now they're baaaaccck!

Well, Hugo was listening (or maybe reading Global Voices) and decided it might be best to NOT go down to defeat at the hands of Homer Simpson!

At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Kenneth said...

These news just reached me here in Norway, through an info screen which broadcasts "news" in public places. The local news are updated, though...

It astounds me that they find it to be worth the effort to broadcast almost 3 month old news about petty things like this from Venezuela, as long as it's negative (or perceived as such) and is ridiculable. The headlines of course read that The Simpsons is "too strong for Venezuelan TV," although they essentially just changed the airing time and it was due to complaints from ordinary people.

I don't catch exactly what the blogger means when he implies that The Simpsons supposedly "going against the whole education of (...) adolescents" stands in contrast to any "idea of the family," except maybe an abstract idea (which is not expressed, might I point out) of how mentioned groups should be educated.

Also very late to Norway has the news come that the Venezuelan government withdrew support to the private channel that portrayed Chavez' victory in 2006 as a "stolen election," of course favoring the opposition's view. It was portrayed as if they censored them, even here in Norway, where we only have 1 channel which receives government economic support, and the rest is private, commercial channels.


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