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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Technicalities on the BlogFest

Teresa of Technicalities did a wonderful post on the party, Look Ma - There Really IS a New Jersey!
Then we headed off to the Triumph Brewery which was a beautiful place. Getting there was half the fun of the evening. Jimbo with his Tom-Tom insisted we use it even though we had Gregor in the back seat with us and he knew the way. Unfortunately Jim programmed it for finding the hotel. This led us down the road to make a u-turn and after driving back past the hotel parking lot... it wanted another u-turn before we figured out it wasn't right. After he put in the correct coordinates it seemed to work okay - but the bodyguard finally decided it would be better to listen t Gregor so we could get to dinner sometime that night.

Fausta outdid herself planning this shindig and luckily we were able to comport ourselves with a modicum of propriety. As per usual - I got a chance to hang out quite a bit with some people, a little while with others, and only a hello to yet others. Time is never on our side.
Go read the rest.

I thank Teresa for her very kind words, and will like to clarify that I didn't slip her a $20.


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At 6:06 PM, Blogger Teresa said...

LOL - my goodness, you're welcome. ***the $20 came in handy ;-) ***

It was fun.


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