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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Politics, podcast, Petraeus, and roundup

What makes an adult?
This morning Siggy hosted the podcast since I had to call in from an appointment, and he was wonderful as always. We had the pleasure of talking to Mamacita of Scheiss Weekly, Media Lizzy and Jazz Shaw about what it means to be an adult.

Via Pat Hynes, Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls On Barack Obama To Condemn Rockefeller Attack

I'd like to know where Rockefeller was while Sen. McCain was imprisoned. All the same, Rockefeller Apologizes to McCain for Calling Him Hit-and-Run Aviator

And, by the way, in the 1960s there were no laser-guided missiles... except on Star Trek. You would think the senior Democrat in the Senate Intelligence Committee would know that.

Greta takes the cell phone pledge

Neoneocon ponders Human plasticity: left/right front/back brain

Wretchard analyzes Gen. Petraeus's testimony "People hearing without listening" (also at Instapundit). Ed Morrissey was at the Bloggers' briefing.
As far as the hearings goes, Joe Lieberman summed it well.
For the rest of us, Iraq Status Report.

Report: U.S.-Israeli study of airstrike on Syrian nuke facility will show Saddam transferred WMD

The Anchoress offers a Midday Prayer - Psalm 14

Hat tip: Larwyn.


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At 7:38 PM, Blogger Obi's Sister said...

GM Roper has the YouTube McCain ad on "civil debate between adults". Or at least that's what I got out of it! As far as adults, you don't have to go any further that the Democratic Congress to see a room that is NOT full of them!

At 7:47 PM, Blogger Pat Patterson said...

Don't forget that the "...senior Democrat [on] the Intelligence Committe" is as rich as Croesus and merely has to hire people to know things. Maybe this week the check was lost in the mail.

At 10:04 PM, Blogger Greta Perry said...

Thank youfor the linky love!


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