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Friday, April 25, 2008

Obama's 'Distractions'?

Dr. Krauhammer asks in his article, Obama's 'Distractions'?
How does one explain campaigning throughout 2007 on a platform of transcending racial divisions, while in that same year contributing $26,000 to a church whose pastor incites race hatred?
Dr Krauthammer gets to the heart of the matter (emphasis added):
What is Obama to do? Dismiss all such questions about his associations and attitudes as "distractions." And then count on his acolytes in the media to wage jihad against those who have the temerity to raise these questions. As if the character and beliefs of a man who would be president are less important than the "issues." As if some political indecency was committed when Obama was prevented from going through his latest -- 21st and likely last -- primary debate without being asked about Wright or Ayers or the tribal habits of gun-toting, God-loving Pennsylvanians.
Many of us who voted for Bill Clinton the first time learned the hard way that the character of a man who would be president is a crucial matter.

I would even venture to say that is possibly the main reason why so many Democrats are in Obama's camp, instead of Hillary's: they learned from the Clintons that the Clintons are not to be trusted.

Character and personal beliefs permeate every action and decision a person makes. They are not "distractions". To the contrary, they are signposts directing you to what road they will take.


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