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Monday, April 28, 2008

Corzine: Squeeze the towns for state trooper costs

Coalition of the Swilling has the story:
Rather than do something silly like, say, cut waste in Trenton or perhaps not add thousands of people to the state payroll our glorious bloated bureaucracy has instead chosen to charge people for what they already pay for.
Asbury Park Press has the details: As times change, so may NJ's free rural state police patrols
TRENTON — New Jersey State Police have patrolled the state's rural areas for 87 years at no extra cost to smaller towns that never created police departments.

In fact, the law that created the state police agency stated it would "primarily'' be used to protect rural areas.

But times have changed, and free rural New Jersey state police patrols may soon end.

As the state grapples with chronic state budget woes, Gov. Corzine has proposed requiring municipalities that get free state police patrols to pay a quarter of the estimated patrol cost to raise $20.5 million for the cash-strapped state.

"These are difficult times, and the decisions and choices we must make are difficult,'' state Attorney General Anne Milgram said.
Of course, reducing the bloated state bureaucracy would never cross their minds, would it?

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At 8:50 PM, Blogger Pat Patterson said...

After a horrible car crash one of the victims is sitting by the side of the road shaking with relief that he wasn't injured even worsev when he hears a voice politley asking how is he? Thinking it's God he looks up but discovers he is looking into the spotlight of what he then realizes that the disembodied voice of neither God nor Broderick Crawford but the amplified voice of a New Jersey State Police patrolman.

"Please help me," the injured man cried with relief. The voice came back asking if he knew which side of the county line the accident had taken place as the state in a budget saving measure had taken out the GPS units and had given the patrolmen maps that showed all of the New Jersey speed traps put out by the NHRA.

"I don't know," the man answered, "But, please help me." Immediately the voice replied that according to their maps the accident seemed to be in a county that didn't pay for the the new, not so free, service and therefore they wer not allowed to offer any assistance. The amplified voice did say that Gov. Corzine did allow for CIA and then asked if the man had cash or a Black American Express Card to cover the charges for the current month.

By now not only is the man in even more pain but he is beginning to swear at the officers with one particular word being used as noun, verb, adjective and adverb. The voice testily warns the man of dire consequences for abusive language and hindering an investigation by not answering the questions put to him. The voice tells the man that because he wasn't cooperative then they were leaving to investigate a purloined glazed twist at a Dunkin' Donuts so they were leaving. But politely the voice wished the almost unconscious man a safe trip and please come back to (fill in the name of the county here).


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