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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bolivia using star of David in new ID cards

I was in NYC attending the Free Speech in an Age of Jihad conference today. It was an excellent conferece, and the panelists were extraordinary. Had the pleasure of meeting judge Robert Bork, whose books I have read.

Pamela was blogging the conference, and she told me that Bolivia is now using the star of David in their new ID cards. I was apalled, since a while ago had been told that there were rumors about this, but now it is a fact: The cards are being issued in the Santa Cruz region, which has been very vocally against Evo Morales's policies.

This is one of the more bizarre stories to come from that part of the hemisphere.

The Washington Times explains,
The appearance of a Star of David on new national identity cards has alarmed opponents of President Evo Morales, who recall how the symbol was used to brand Jews in Nazi Germany.

Tiny six-pointed stars within a tight circle are printed on the back side of some, but not all, recently issued picture IDs in the Santa Cruz region. The mark was present on three cards seen by The Washington Times.
What puzzles Mr. Klinsky and others is that the marked ID cards do not appear to target people who are Jewish or have Jewish ancestry.

Mr. Klinsky, a member of the political opposition to Mr. Morales' leftist government, suspects — but is unable to prove — that the motive is political.
Col. Ruben Camacho, the director in Santa Cruz for the national identification system, told The Times that the symbol means "nothing bad."

He said that it was stamped as a "security feature" on some cards by a subordinate to safeguard against duplication and counterfeiting.
The ID cards appear to be used for identifying/singling out some individuals.

For what purpose?


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