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Monday, April 21, 2008

Back to the phish story

As you may recall but probably prefer not to, on Monday March 24 my Skype account was phished, and subsequently so was my old faustaw@yahoo.com email account.

Skype resolved the problem within three days.

Yahoo, however, never did, because the account is so old the security information AND the second email address I used when I registered have disappeared, so I changed my email accounts - one Yahoo, one Gmail. I also changed every password of basically every account that I could remember having used that faustaw@yahoo.

The problem remains that my account at MyBlogLog can only be accessed through the old Yahoo account. I used MyBlogLog to see information on my blog traffic. It served me well in at least two occasions where I had to re verify my stats for business purposes.

So yesterday I was talking to my friend Richard Fernandez, who suggested that I email the following:
Last month my old yahoo email account, faustaw@yahoo.com was phished and I have not been able to use it. Since my MyBlogLog account for my blog, http://faustasblog.com is tied to that address, I can't access the account.

I now have this new yahoo email address and would like to continue your service.

Therefore, I am going to post this number [random 12-digit number out of a book] at http://faustasblog.com as soon as you acknowledge receipt of this email. That way you can verify that I am the owner of that blog.

If you agree, I will email you the link to the post so you can easily find it.
Thank you,
Fausta Wertz
As soon as they acknowledged receiving my request, of course I posted the number, much to the amusement of several readers. A couple of them left humorous comments. Another one Skyped called me to ask if her dog looked sick, while reading that post.

About an hour or two later I get the first form letter I received on March 24. I removed the post with the 12-digit number. Then I called Yahoo's service number, 866-562-7219, which I received from my other friend Mamacita, and that was a waste of an otherwise perfectly good half hour.

If any of you have any suggestions for straightening this out, please let me know. For the foreseeable future, I give up.

Thank you for your forbearance.
PS, yes, you can call this a rant.


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