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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Taliban are just a bunch Lutherans

More crap parading as art, this time in Stockholm:
Artist Rosa Liksom tries to tame the burkha. Apparently she had to go to a gallery in Sweden to try that.

Finnish Liksom doesn't volunteer to wear a burka, because she doesn't have to; that doesn't prevent her from promoting the repressive garment:
Burkhas in Finnish nature are part of the Finlandia exhibition by artist Rosa Liksom, which has opened in Stockholm.

"I have used women in burkhas in my comic strips already from the 1990s", Rosa Liksom says. From there they came to my paintings, and now into videos and photographs.

"When painted or drawn, the image of a burkha has not raised any passions at all", Liksom says.
Of course, how much talent does it take to draw a burka? Particularly when it affords an opportunity for moral equivalence?
Women in Finnish surroundings dressed in burkhas were immediately taken as a very political artistic statement.

Rosa Liksom does not agree.

"I was born in the far north, in a small village, where most of the people were members of the Conservative Laestadian sect. There women were always dressed in black, and they wore black scarves, showing only their faces."
Of course! The Finnish Lutheran revivalists are just the same as the Taliban. Aren't they?

If you look at the photo in the Wikipedia entry for Conservative Laestadianism you'll find an integrated congregation worshiping at a service where none of the women are covered. Could it be that Laestadian women aren't forced to cover themselves, and when they do is because it's darned cold in Northern Finland?

I'd like to know what the Laestadian men are wearing. Are they showing only their faces? Or do they choose to freeze their nuts off while walking about in Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and flip-flops as if they were waiting in line in Disneyworld instead of plodding through the tundra?

The article continues,
Then Liksom became inspired to examine landscapes, and especially the concept of a "national landscape".

"I thought what would fit with it as an element of alienation, and I came up with the burkha. Its blue colour calls to mind the Finnish flag. It is both graphic and figurative as a material."

"And naturally, it is something that raises powerful emotions", Liksom adds.

"Islam is so demonised in the West that I wanted to tame the burkha.
Get a rise out of your audience, undemonize a repressive garment, and stick it to The Man.

Groovin' to the powerful emotions, indeed.

(h/t F.Desouche, via the Baron)

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At 9:34 AM, Blogger SC&A said...

Stupidity is a commodity that was given out by God, in great abundance.

At 11:56 AM, Blogger Pat Patterson said...

No, no, as a Lutheran I can positively state that we have been waiting since Gustavus Adolphus' untimely death to restore the Hanseatic League and extend it throughout the world. We'll not be satisfied till we have that white and blue Christian flag flying over the White House.

It's unfortunate that some of our more pious brethren draw attention to themselves as that tends to draw attention to the thousands of Lutheran pre-schools throughout the word where we are brainwashing children to be the next Holy Warriors and to survive for years on milk and Graham Crackers.

I am looking forward to finishing of the Baptists. Splitters!

At 1:17 PM, Blogger KGS said...

But wait...it gets even better! Rosa Liksom is a feminist!

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Fausta said...

She might even be one of those silent feminists.


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