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Friday, March 28, 2008

Two theories on the Puerto Rican primary

The Governor of Puerto Rico has turned himself in to the FBI

Michael Sean Winters at America's editorial blog believes that
In fact, Puerto Rico is the post-racial society Obama represents. It is not difficult to imagine how he could take parts of his speech in Philadelphia about race, add some history and demography about Puerto Rico, and give a speech in San Juan that rightly acknowledges that on this great issue of bridging America's racial divide, Puerto Ricans have a lot to teach America. Such a speech would not only be attractive to Puerto Ricans, it would be true.
Maybe so. However, if Winters believes that there is no racism in Puerto Rico he is sadly mistaken. I don't see Puerto Rico as a post-racial society yet.

I agree more with Talk Left's Big Tent Democrat, who correctly states that
Neither the NPP or the PDP will view the primary as a test of their electoral strength against each other. Clinton has more supporters in both the NPP and the PDP than does Obama, whose only major endorser was Acevedo Vila, who was indicted today and may not even be the Governor come June 3.
Voters in either of the two major parties in Puerto Rico favor candidates in either the Republican or the Democrat party. When Puerto Ricans live any of the fifty states their vote is not contingent on their affiliation with any of the Puerto Rican parties.

I must also point out that, to the best of my knowledge, there has been no polling of voters's opinions on the island re: Hillary vs. Obama (please correct me if I'm wrong and include the link in the comments section). However, the political bosses do favor Hillary.

At least for now.

Marc Ambinder has a copy of the Departmentof Justice press release on the Acevedo indictement.


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