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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Spring Daylight Savings Time edition of the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Welcome to the Spring Daylight Savings Time edition of the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. If you would like your links included in the Carnival, please email me the link: faustaw "at" yahoo "dot" com.

The hot news of the week was Chavez's threatened war with Colombia, a crisis which, in typical Latin American fashion, was neatly wrapped on Friday afternoon, in time for a swim and a nice dinner at the Dominican Republic. Chavez has resumed diplomatic relations with Colombia, thus being able to continue importing food to ease food shortages arising Chavez's price controls.

The real news (as Austin Bay said) is Colombia's successful war against the FARC.

I recommend to all my readers this must-read from The Economist: On the warpath: Colombia is moving closer to breaking the FARC -unless Venezuela stops it

The posts and articles below are in addition to the posts I included on March 5 and 4.

Latin America and the US elections
Latinos Seek Citizenship in Time for Voting

Thugs, demogogues and Latin America

S. American Leaders Resolve Crisis

Lynching, Communal Justice, and Bolivia's New Constitution

4 Provinces Reject Court Ruling On Autonomy Referendums

Betting the fazenda

Presidentes Uribe, Chavez, Ortega y Correa se aprietan la mano y alivian grave crisis diplomática Presidents Uribe (Colombia), Chavez (Venezuela), Ortega (Nicaragua) and Correa (Ecuador) shake hands and ease the grave diplomatic crisis.

Grand Master of Masons of Venezuela Murdered in Kidnapping Attempt

La ultima carta de 'Raúl Reyes' a las Farc

Gobiernos auspiciadores del terrorismo

Fighting FARC: On Strategy and Satellite Phones

Colombia offering a democratic alternative to Chavez

Despite setbacks, FARC far from out

NRO editorial Uribe!

Gruesome End... FARC Saws Off Leader's Hand After Assassination

Terrorists, Marxists, Leftists and the Democrats

Rescues in Afghanistan, sitting out elections and border troubles in Colombia

Alvaro Uribe keeps outchavezing Hugo Chavez

Another FARC leader killed

El Carcelero, via No pasaran

The Latin Israel

Colombia Is Criticized For Raid Into Ecuador

Pluck and luck save smuggled photos

Statement of the Municipalities of Cuba and Human Rights

PDF file: De la mesa de trabajo de Martha Beatriz Roque

Your no-good brother in law

Cuba's underground internet rebellion

Is there a cure for Cuba?

Documents show FARC ties to Venezuela, Ecuador

More hostages to be freed

Real Crisis in Andes Escalates: Democracy and Courage Shot in the Back Once Again by Latins

Gunmen disguised as police kill 8 in Honduras
Massacre at billiards hall; effort under way to halt wave of violence

Wrong about Mexico

Mexican police net huge weapons cache in Tijuana

Nicaragua breaks diplomatic relations with Colombia

Panama Caught up in FARC Crisis

Desperation and the Puerto Rico primary

Via Maria, Scrutiny for Puerto Rico Over Animal Treatment

T&T Jazz Festival begins

Via Siggy, Allies of Terrorism
The presidents of Venezuela and Ecuador are revealed as backers of the criminals who fight Colombia's democracy.

Venezuela pleads guilty in a cash case

Venezuela reopening embassy in Colombia

The kind of war we're going to have...

Venezuela's not-show show of force

(Fotos) En camiones van los tanques

Via Instapundit Does Hugo Chavez help the poor?

The American Friends of Hugo Chavez

Incidente fronterizo entre la DISIP, GN y habitantes de Paraguachon

No sooner did the army get to the area that the soldiers started calling in sick: Avalancha de peticiones de baja y permisos médicos en la FAN

Must-read (in Spanish) El Tiempo's special supplement on the contents of Reyes's computer
Baduel le dijo que no
(for background on Baduel, see my Dec. 4, 2007 post)

Chavez Moves Toward War

Via Maggie's Farm, Ricochet in the Andes

The Corruption of Democracy in Venezuela

FARC ships through Venezuela to Guinea-Bissau in West Africa to Europe

Special thanks to Larwyn, Maggie, Maria, Siggy, Alek and Wretchard


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