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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday morning posts from the FIHMYs

Friends I Haven't Met Yet have been busy posting:
Shane asks Where Are All The Male Teachers?
My son was in an all-boys' school where he had several excellent male teachers and to this day is inspired by their example.

GM Roper asks, Will Texas Hispanics Abandon Hillary for Obama?

Mamacita remembers the Fractured Fairy Tales on Leap Day:

Kevin is now nine years old today.

Speaking of Leap Day, Ed Morrissey, Jazz Shaw and Siggy discussed proposing in yesterday's podcast

When you're out of wind, you're out of power.

Noonan, Buckley & the Paradox of Privilege

Other links:
Via Marc, Obama Offers Wild Revision of His Own History

Josh Levin links to Hillary Clinton is your new HD DVD player

My friend Horacio of The Money Map Report sees Better Times Ahead

Special thanks to Larwyn


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