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Monday, March 31, 2008

The Last Monday in March Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Welcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean.

If you would like your posts to be included in the Carnivals, please email me faustaw2 "at" gmail "dot" com.

This week's big stories:
Colombia seizes thirty kilos of depleted uranium from the FARC. The American media doesn't seem to have caught on that this is news.

Democrat Congressman James McGovern was found to have ties with the FARC.

Also in US and Latin American news, governor of Puerto Rico Anibal Acevedo was been indicted, booked, and released without bail on nineteen charges of conspiracy, false statements and violations of various campaign finance laws, following an FBI investigation in Puerto Rico and Philadelphia. Acevedo was one of Obama's superdelegates. The Democrats have scheduled the Puerto Rico primary for June 1.

Latin America File: Chavez, Ortega, Lula challenge US power in hemisphere through formation of new military pact, ALBA Defense Council

Media Terrorism on LatAm Agenda

Counterterrorism Blog Panel: Disclosures From FARC Computer About Ecuador and Venezuela PDF file

The Kirchners v the farmers: The countryside's beef about export taxes becomes the new government's first political test
Via Siggy, Tax Rebellion in Argentina

Immigrants Chase the Brazilian Dream

Feverish in Rio: The dengue mosquito exposes public-health laxity

The Canadian connection: Providing banking, business and policemen

Fighting the War on Terror in the Caribbean and Central America

Before '73 Coup, Chile Tried to Find the Right Software for Socialism

Colombia Announces Find of 66 Pounds of Uranium It Says Linked to FARC

U.S. 'concerned' about FARC uranium
An alleged rebel cache of uranium is raising concern in Washington -- and questions about why the rebels had the radioactive metal

FARC Uranium May Be Depleted, But It's Still Nuclear Material

Via American Digest A FARC Fan's Notes


Colombia Probes FARC Ties to Uranium Seized in Bogota

Mario Ballesteros, head of the state-run geology institute Ingeominas, said a study of the uranium, its possible uses and health risk would be presented on Friday, EFE news agency reported today.

"The FARC may have wanted this material to build a stronger rocket that destroys the president or a minister's armored car, not create a weapon of mass destruction," said Cesar Restrepo, from Bogota's Security and Democracy Foundation.

Padilla said informants he didn't identify, who are close to an alleged arms supplier Reyes called "Belisario," led the military to the uranium. Authorities are investigating the origin of the material, he said.

Embossed on the two metal lodes, in English, was the warning "Caution: Radioactive Material. Depleted Uranium," according to the military's video.
DU Dud: The Silver Lining to FARC’s Uranium

Rep McGovern Denies Being In Bed With FARC (The Sun Chronicle)

The FARC Jones Boy & Congressman James McGovern

Is the Biggest Bombshell on the FARC Computer Yet to Be Revealed?

Colombia: Venezuela supported rebel group, claims academic

FARC Cash Seized in Costa Rica Linked to Iran and Venezuela

Cubans Can Now Have Cell Phones; Problem Is, Nobody Can Afford Them

Cell Phones Don't Replace Freedoms

Good News and Bad News

No End In Sight To Andean Conflict

On Ecuador's border, FARC rebels visit often

Ecuador: A push to eliminate constiutional protections for gays and lesbians

Sedition is.... as Sedition Does: Liars and Manipulators Abetting Murderers and Terrorists

Sending In the Cavalry

Freedom of expression threatened in Nicaragua

Peruanista on YouTube

AG Announces Crackdown on Corrupt Politicians, Democratic Party Immediately Disbands

Puerto Rico, New Jersey, and those busted governors

Film: Las Dos Caras de Jano

Is the Biggest Bombshell on the FARC Computer Yet to Be Revealed?

Files Suggest Venezuela Bid to Aid Colombia Rebels, which also reveals that a Colombian agent was killed by the FARC after she was found to have microchips implanted in her body.

Instapundit, The Bolivarian republic of Massachusetts

Hugo, laid bare by a laptop

Chavez: Anyone but McCain

The American Friends of Hugo Chavez

Andres Oppenheimer: Media wars in Venezuela

Chavez behind the Andean troubles

From those who brought you the Tascon List: official racism in Venezuela

Mision conuco, higher education version

The Verbal Diarreah Starts Again

One last chance for Chavez

Falling oil production a challenge for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Matthew Vadum, of Capital Research Center was my podcast guest on March 25.

Salsa dancing: Selling rhythm to the world

Special thanks to Maggie, Siggy, Larwin and Maria.


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At 1:22 AM, Blogger Pat Patterson said...

As to the Cubans having the ability but not the wherewithall to own cell phones I think that the absolute universality, Marx didn't forsee this kind of solidarity, of teenage girls can change that. What's Spanish for "Daaaaaad, all my friends have one?"


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